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The Moon and Zodiac Signs - Natal Moon Sign Meanings and Moon Transits

September 08, 2018 0 Comments

The Moon and Zodiac Signs - Natal Moon Sign Meanings and Moon Transits

Amongst one of the most essential aspects of your natal chart is your moon sign, which describes where the moon the moment you were born. Your moon sign shapes your feelings and your spirit, and gives color and form to everything that is happening in your internal world and your subconscious. This includes your most profound needs, and what in life gives you a sense of calm security.

The moon transits between zodiac signs every 2-3 days or so, which is the reason for example,Libra sun signs can be quite different from each other. The placement of the moon, as well as other planets in the natal chart, give insight to different aspects of your personality.

How Your Moon Sign Affects Your Personality

Your moon sign can likewise impact how your sun sign is communicated and expressed. For instance, should you be red hot Aries sun sign with a Taurus moon sing, your forceful nature might be calmed with the steady energy of Taurus. Or alternatively, should you be a watery Scorpio sun sign with a watery Pisces moon sign, you could be even more emotional, since this is a quality of water zodiac signs.

Moon Signs and Compatibility

Moon signs are also especially insightful when examining romantic relationships. Look at your moon sign and your partner’s. Odds are, either your moon signs are quite compatible, or your sun signs and moon signs vibe with each other well.Having moon signs in the same element can be a deciding variable in how well you two will be emotionally compatible.

The following list are of all the moon signs, but you can always learn more about them in detail by clicking on the links below.

The Moon in Zodiac Signs - Transits and Natal Moon Signs

Moon in Aries / Aries Moon Sign

The Aries Moon sign desires self-sufficiency, challenges, activity, curiosity and to be the leader. Wants to feel invigorated and excited, yet can also be too demanding when it comes to having the attention of others. Needs challenges but wants to be taken care of now and again.

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Moon in Taurus / Taurus Moon Sign

The Taurus Moon sign needs dependability, material comfort, friendship, excellence, and to feel that they're building something enduring. When it comes to relationships, they need to feel like they are getting a good return on their emotional investments, but they can be excessively fixated on their need for security.

Learn more about the Moon in Taurus

Moon in Gemini / Gemini Moon Sign

The Gemini Moon sign needs consistent communication, new thoughts, and invigorating exchange of ideas. Attracted to those that are similarly intellectually driven. They want to have a strong mental connection and somebody who can reflect thoughts and ideas back to them.

Learn more about the Moon in Gemini

Moon in Cancer / Cancer Moon Sign

The Cancer Moon sign needs care and support, security, family and familiar luxuries - such as great food, a comfy home, and relaxing clothing. They can have abandonment issues and therefore would require more consolation and reassurance than most.

Learn more about the Moon in Cancer

Moon in Leo / Leo Moon Sign

The Leo Moon sign needs to have attention, affection, friendship, constant diversion and excitement and play. They often yearn for glamour and success, as well as somebody to enjoy life with together. Many of them also have a strong feeling of authority that they need to express.

Learn more about the Moon in Leo

Moon in Virgo / Virgo Moon Sign

The Virgo Moon needs to feel organized, to feel supportive and helpful, as well as to have mental activity and stimulation. They like to find problems to unravel, break down, and solve for people. However, they can also be anxious or constantly worried.

Learn more about the Moon in Virgo

Moon in Libra / Libra Moon Sign

The Libra Moon needs a feeling of balance, friendship, and to be in an environment that is filled with beauty and harmony. These moon signs loathe conflict and yearn for a serene and stylish environment, elegant clothing, beautiful artwork and a solid feeling of justice.

Learn more about the Moon in Libra

Moon in Scorpio / Scorpio Moon Sign

The Scorpio Moon sign desires privacy and intensity. Many of them may have a hard time trusting and opening up to new people. The individual who wins a Scorpio moon sign’s trust will be compensated with everlasting dedication.

Learn more about the Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Sagittarius / Sagittarius Moon Sign

The Sagittarius Moon sign needs freedom, wisdom, variety and a sense of adventure. They are drawn towards individuals that are as open as they are. They cherish independence and having new experiences, and meeting new people of all kinds. For them, life should feel like a steady celebration. But these folks get bored quickly.

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Moon in Capricorn / Capricorn Moon Sign

The Capricorn Moon sign needs to feel like they are creating something that will endure the test of time. For them, power is attractive, and this moon sign needs somebody with firm limits and big aspirations. They oftentimes desire isolation and need time to recharge. They can be a bit sullen or morose now and again. Can be aloof.

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Moon in Aquarius / Aquarius Moon Sign

The Aquarius Moon sign needs companionship, collaborative effort, and to feel like they are part of a greater cause. But this rebellious moon sign also yearns for a solid feeling of uniqueness and that they are breaking boundaries. Settling down is hard for this moon sign, but when they do choose to do so, they require independence and autonomy.

Learn more about the Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Pisces / Pisces Moon Sign

The Pisces Moon needs dreams, compassion, escape, creative expression, and security. This moon sign can be to a great degree difficult to understand. Many don’t quite understand how to express or explore their own depths. They can be great healers and attracted to creative, spiritual and artistic interests.

Learn more about the Moon in Pisces

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