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The Aquarius Moon - Aquarius Moon Sign and Moon in Aquarius Transit Meanings

September 05, 2018 0 Comments

The Aquarius Moon - Aquarius Moon Sign and Moon in Aquarius Transit Meanings

Moon in Aquarius Transit - What Does it Mean?

Despite what your actual zodiac sign is, for two or three days every month all of us as a whole are affected by the impact of the Aquarius Moon. When the Moon is in Aquarius, we're more inclined to follow one's own unique source of truth, regardless of how weird and quirky it may be. Aquarius is definitely not conventional, and this Moon transit will make all of us think carefully about what it is that makes us all unique and special so we can impart it to the world.

Moon in Aquarius Transit Effects:

  • Higher tendency to question status quo
  • Feeling more gregarious
  • Wanting to interact with the world
  • More accepting of quirks
  • Wanting to switch up outdated habits

Aquarius zodiac signs are extroverts, making friends wherever they go. This isn't too surprising considering that it is the Aquarius zodiac sign that rules over the eleventh House of Friendship! When the Moon moves into this gregarious sign, you'll be filled with the urge to call your companions, make arrangements, and get out and interact with people around you.

The Moon in Aquarius can likewise make all of us feel somewhat more rebellious and eccentric than usual. You may crave for some kind of a diversion from your regular day to day routine. In the event that you've been feeling trapped in an endless cycle, the Moon in Aquarius is the perfect period at which you have the power to switch up your routine or bring an end to outdated habits.

Natal Aquarius Moon Sign - Your Personality

The Moon in Aquarius is transit that stands out from the others, in the sense that the Moon is all about our intuition and our habits, our states of mind, and how we react to things emotionally. The conundrum here is that Aquarius is an air zodiac sign which implies it's more about mental states than the chaos of human feelings. This doesn't mean those with their an Aquarius Moon sign don't have emotions. It might just be that their feelings are more reasonable and intellectual than most.

Aquarius Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Intellectual
  • Visionary
  • Idealist

Those born with an Aquarius Moon sign are extraordinarily perceptive individuals. Their psyches are always sharp and alert, continually endeavoring to make sense of why individuals do the things that they do. This interest stretches out to different everyday issues, and they appreciate finding out about science, mechanics, and innovation. They want to learn how things function - you may even discover them dismantling things and assembling them back to get at the object's true essence.

Aquarius Moon sign individuals are very compassionate people and are frequently associated with lots of the humanitarian work that they do. They are egalitarians on the most fundamental level, and have solid convictions about the welfare of others and human rights. But try not to let the Aquarius Moon sign's reserved exterior trick you. Moon in Aquarius individuals are enthusiastic about helping other people, and are quite adept at staying objective with the end goal of abstaining from becoming too involved with emotionally charged and heated situations.

Aquarius Moon Sign and Moon in Aquarius Transit Meanings Infographic

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