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The Virgo Moon - Virgo Moon Sign and Moon in Virgo Transit Meanings

September 07, 2018 0 Comments

The Virgo Moon - Virgo Moon Sign and Moon in Virgo Transit Meanings

Moon in Virgo Transit - What Does it Mean?

For a couple of days every month, we all feel the impact of the Moon in Virgo transit; the Sun sign you were born under doesn’t quite matter, as we experience all of this together. Since Virgo cherishes cleanliness and order, you'll feel a more potent desire to arrange your environment and home while the Moon is in Virgo. This is likewise an amazing time to deal with any intimidating tasks that you have been avoiding, as this determined sign has an uncanny ability to break down formidable obstacles into their basic elements, so that they don’t seem too scary after all.

The Virgo zodiac sign loves being of service and help, so you may find yourself rather delighted when a friend requests some help. Try not to volunteer yourself for too many projects, this may backfire and you may end up not being able to commit yourself to all the work. Since Virgo loves to contribute, you'll scratch your itch to guide someone through a tough experience, but you’ll also get deep fulfillment from doing so. With the Moon in Virgo, you’ll find that you genuinely appreciate being of help to others.

With the Moon in Virgo, you may find your health more important than ever. You may end up rethinking your eating habits, or potentially taking up another exercise regimen. Take this chance to get outside and utilize those muscles!

Moon in Virgo Transit Effects:

  • Being more health conscious
  • Wanting to help others more
  • Enjoying volunteering
  • Feeling more organized
  • Finding it easier to follow structure and habits

Natal Virgo Moon Sign - Your Personality

In astrology, Virgo is an Earth sign, meaning that it’s very practical, but also has a very analytical mind. This is because the Virgo zodiac sign is identified with the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. If you have a Virgo Moon sign, you are known for your smarts, your inquisitive personality, and your instincts. Virgo Moon signs like to slice through the chaos and start breaking things down and putting together a strong theory and analysis - whether it’s with ideas, emotions, and everything around them. Virgo will make sense of what's useful or not, what's real or not, and what is set in stone.

Any individual who knows a Virgo Moon sign realizes that they have to feel helpful. This means that they need to feel as though they are contributing to a project, a relationship, or whatever it is that needs their help. This is the reason somebody with a Virgo Moon sign is viewed as a dedicated colleague in the work environment, or a reliable friend who hurries to their companions' sides in stressful occasions. Virgo has had a reputation for being overly critical, yet they don't do it out of spite - they are simply attempting to help!

Those that are born with a Virgo Moon sign are probably one the most loyal individuals you'll meet. Indeed, Virgo has many expectations and thinks very carefully about each part of a relationship before they commit. This doesn't mean Virgo is frigid - they can be just as enthusiastic and adoring as other zodiac signs. It's just that they need to recognize what they're getting into.

Virgo Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Modest
  • Detail Oriented
  • Analytical
  • Perfectionist
  • Dedicated
  • Service-minded

Virgo Moon Sign and Moon in Virgo Transit Meanings Infographic

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