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The Leo Moon - Leo Moon Sign and Moon in Leo Transit Meanings

September 07, 2018 0 Comments

The Leo Moon - Leo Moon Sign and Moon in Leo Transit Meanings

Moon in Leo Transit - What Does it Mean?

Despite what your Moon sign actually is, a few days every month we all feel the impact of the Leo Moon. Should the Moon be in Leo, it would be helpful to pay a little mind to how you feel, as well as how you will want others to feel about you. You'll be more skilled at telling other individuals that you cherish them, or find it easier in general to express your gratefulness for them. This may likewise be a period when there's a compelling impulse to turn up the sentiment and energy in your life.

Since the Leo zodiac sign pines for consideration and worship, a Leo Moon could make you feel more shaky than expected. This can prompt a emotional eruption if your needs aren't met. Should you find yourself more touchy during this Moon in Leo, try and remember to approach everyone around you with the same kind of consideration you desire.

Leo is a zodiac sign of expression and conveying everything that needs to be conveyed. You'll find yourself wanting to seek a new emotional outlet. For example, dance or theater, or a business venture may be appealing to you now as another way of demonstrating your inner self. It could likewise be a period in your life of getting out there and mingling with the Moon in Leo.

Moon in Leo Transit Effects:

  • Being more expressive of your feelings
  • Wanting to find new ways of expression
  • Feeling a bit more touchy
  • Wanting to socialize more
  • Feeling more aware of how you present yourself

Natal Leo Moon Sign - Your Personality

The majority of us definitely know about our Sun sign, which speaks to the individual we show to the world. We must realize that this sun sign is our external identity, but it is the Moon sign that is our inward identity - our feelings, our habits and our instincts. It's essential to know your Moon sign since it mirrors your emotional self, and it shows the kind of energy that you seek for the duration of your life.

The Leo zodiac sign is a Fire sign, and like the mid-summer Sun, it gives light and warmth to all that it shines its light down on. Savagely faithful, this is the zodiac sign of creating goals and following through. This is valid at work, in friends, in romantic partners, and particularly in issues of the heart. A Leo Moon sign is a devoted partner, and will have no issue letting their better half - and the world - know how they feel. Be that as it may, what they provide for others, Leo Moon signs expect equal adoration and dedication.

Leo Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • Optimistic
  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Generous

Leo Moon signs are children on a fundamental level - they are known for their fun loving and relatively honest nature, making them a genuine delight to be with. They're likewise amongst the most hopeful in the zodiac, and are fundamentally optimists regardless of the kinds of curveballs life tosses at them.

Try not to confuse a Leo Moon sign’s pride with narcissism - they are definitely not the latter. Being one the most giving of all the zodiac signs, Leo Moon signs would give you the shirts off their backs should you need it. They're likewise very helpful friends, making them an incredible individual to go to for guidance or in a desperate hour.

Leo Moon Sign and Moon in Leo Transit Meanings Infographic

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