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The Capricorn Moon - Capricorn Moon Sign and Moon in Capricorn Transit Meanings

September 05, 2018 0 Comments

Capricorn Moon Sign and Moon in Capricorn Transit Meanings Infographic

Moon in Capricorn Transit - What Does it Mean?

When the Moon transits through the zodiac sign of Capricorn, we have a tendency to be somewhat more wary, somewhat more serious, and somewhat more practical than we ordinarily are. The Capricorn zodiac sign is one that is about getting things done. Rather than being worried about immediate fulfillment, you'll be more disposed to dive in and focus on achieving your longer-term objectives.

Moon in Capricorn Transit Effects:

  • Focus on the practical
  • Being a better leader
  • Focusing on your long term goals
  • Feeling confident in your abilities
  • Thinking about career and professional goals

During the Capricorn Moon you may find that you have an expanded desire for achievement. Fortunately, this innovative Earth sign happens to give you a healthy dose of assurance to accomplish whatever it is you've set your sights on. Capricorn has a reputation for being a pioneer and a talented leader so you may wind up volunteering to head up a major venture at work. You may likewise want to begin thinking carefully about your next career move; what it looks like and how you’ll arrive there.

Natal Capricorn Moon Sign - Your Personality

Capricorn is ruled by the demanding planet of Saturn, so it's not unexpected that those with a Capricorn Moon sign get a kick out of the chance to set the bar high. It's isn't only their understanding and desire that pushes them far during their everyday lives, it's also that they tend to have an awareness of other's expectations for them as well. They take pride in their reputation, at how dependable others consider them in both their personal and professional lives.

Capricorn Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Patient
  • Responsible
  • Goal-oriented
  • Committed
  • Rational
  • Practical
  • Dependable

Somebody with a Capricorn Moon sign can seem a little aloof when it comes to their emotions, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll see that there is an exceptionally faithful and loving layer underneath the picture they paint to the world. They may not generally utilize their words to express how they feel about someone else, but their actions say a lot about how much they care and love. While it takes Capricorn Moon signs a long time to open up and let their guard down, it's well worth the wait, as they are amongst the most steady and loyal signs in the zodiac.

A Capricorn Moon has a notoriety for being cool, quiet, and reserved. This is due to the fact that those with this natal Moon sign don't allow their feelings to control them. They see hard circumstances through a very practical point of view, and instead of wasting tears or emotions figure out how to objectively approach every issue they confront. This capacity gives those with a Capricorn Moon sign the qualities that they need to push through any of life's obstacles.

Capricorn Moon Sign and Moon in Capricorn Transit Meanings Infographic

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