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Mars in Aquarius - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

July 06, 2021 0 Comments

Mars in Aquarius - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

When the planet of action, motivation, and energy moves through the sign of Aquarius, the part of us that champions and fights for our ideals and others comes to the forefront. It often also makes us a bit unpredictable. In the sign of innovation and rebellion, there is no right way to do things, and we may find ourselves experimenting, trying out new methodologies, creating a process that is right for us.

When Mars is in Aquarius - What Does this Transit Mean?

Aquarius is never afraid to shake things up; this sign knows when things are getting stale, and when it is time for improvement — or revolution. Applying its powerful energies to Mars , this can be a time to harness our collective will to change for the good of all. Mars knows how to fight for what it wants; it is the warrior of our psyche. And although Aquarius can be rather aloof, it has a powerful drive for creating a more fair and just world. This transit gives us all the will to give a voice to the voiceless and to fight for the underdog.

When it applies to our personal lives, the Mars in Aquarius transit can push us to re-examine how we operate. Aquarius has a disdain for tradition, choosing instead to forge radical paths forward, in uncharted territory. Mars in Aquarius knows that following the tried and true path will often lead to the same results, and right now, that is unacceptable.

Our craving for innovation means that in this transit, there are no rules. The social norms and old patterns that have dictated our everyday lives now no longer holds us. We desire originality and authenticity, the freedom to be ourselves, as weird and strange as it is — above all else. This transit makes us proud of what makes us unique. We no longer are afraid to stand out from the crowd, we embrace it in ourselves, and also within others.

Paradoxically, Aquarius finds both beauty in the collective (as expressed through its humanitarian nature) as well as in the individual (the appreciation of everyone’s unique traits), and this transit can simultaneously also make us feel deeply connected to the world soul, even if it is in a very abstract way.

Mars in Aquarius Transit Effects:

  • Increased desire to fight injustice
  • Powerful humanitarian drive
  • Choosing to avoid the traditional way of doing things
  • More experimentation
  • Increased connectedness to the collective consciousness

Natal Mars in Aquarius / Aquarius Mars Sign Personality

With a natal Mars in Aquarius placement, you are someone that craves your freedom. You need the freedom to continually try new approaches, new ways of thinking and the ability to be fully yourself; to embrace your unique energy. The moment that you feel like you’ve fallen into a pattern, you like to buck those expectations and do something completely different; there is a joy you find in surprising people.

Because you value your independence and freedom so much, you also naturally give it to others. You can be incredibly tolerant of others, appreciating their individual contributions to the colorful, endless diversity of the collective consciousness. This can also mean however, that they can be a little aloof when it comes to sex and relationships. The Mars in Aquarius native can have a hard time being emotional and sentimental.

While intimate and personal relationships can be difficult, Aquarius instead finds comfort in group settings. Mars in Aquarius feels comforted in groups, and knows that the best way to get things done is through group action. You know that collective support, arising from equality, gives your goals power.

Natal Mars in Aquarius / Aquarius Mars Sign Personality Traits:

  • Independent
  • Revolutionary
  • Innovative
  • Imaginative
  • Original

Mars in Aquarius Transit / Aquarius Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

Mars in Aquarius Transit / Aquarius Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic


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