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The Taurus Moon - Taurus Moon Sign and Moon in Taurus Transit Meanings

September 07, 2018 0 Comments

The Taurus Moon - Taurus Moon Sign and Moon in Taurus Transit Meanings

Moon in Taurus Transit - What Does it Mean?

A few days of the year, it doesn’t make a difference what your Moon sign actually is; for two or three days of the month we all feel the impact of the Moon in Taurus. During these days, when the Moon is in Taurus, you may feel a strong devotion to getting what we need, as the Taurus zodiac sign pushes us to go and get our needs met. Should you happen to be yearning for something, there's no better time to go and get them than when the Moon is in Taurus.

Moon in Taurus Transit Effects:

  • Feeling stubborn
  • Craving security
  • Feeling more sensual
  • Being more driven
  • Feeling more determined

Some people may call the Taurus zodiac sign a simple soul, one that just desires to have their needs satisfied. The Moon in Taurus gives us a craving for food to nurture us, a sense of security, the understanding that there’s still some cash in the bank. Maybe some of these things sound like things that are just wants to some of us, but while the Moon is in Taurus, we may feel more initiative in getting them.

You may feel a craving for more solace and security now. Enjoy the sheer joy of being here, feeling the planet’s comforting touch. Make the most of your time here; feel the pleasure of nature, smell the freshly cut grass, listen to the timbre of your own voice, yell, sing, or whisper in a lover’s ear, drink and eat and satiate yourself. Sure, the Taurus zodiac sign can be determined, but it can also be sensual, searching for a healthy balance between these two sides of Taurus can bring us joy.

But be cautious - the Moon in Taurus can make us feel a bit stubborn; and where a rigid stone may break when faced with strong elements, water bends and adapts. Try to remember this when you feel the urge to do the impossible.

Natal Taurus Moon Sign - Your Personality

You're most likely already aware of what we know as your Sun sign - the sign that expresses your external self, the individual you show to the world. But it is your Moon sign that mirrors your internal identity. Your Moon sign represents your feelings, instincts, and unconscious. Your Taurus Moon reflects your emotional self.

Taurus Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Stable
  • Patient
  • Sensual
  • Loyal
  • Dedicated
  • Stubborn

Have you at any point ever met anyone that is extremely single minded, and maybe even a little obsessed? This portrays the Taurus Moon sign pretty well, as they are often incredibly dedicated and determined individuals. This enables them to put in the work, and stick it out when difficult situations arise. Nothing can hinder a Taurus Moon sign who has chosen their plan.

Should you have a Taurus Moon sign, it is viewed as a gift since it's constantly about having your deepest needs met. Regardless of whether it's about rolling in the softest, luxurious sheets, or getting a scrumptious dinner, or enjoying lively music, a Taurus Moon sign needs to find joy in all that they do. Should a Taurus Moon sign have their lives filled with pleasurable experiences, everything feels peachy.

Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus; and Venus is all about matters of the heart, giving the planet a sensual quality. It imparts the power of attraction. Should you have a Taurus Moon sign, you are no doubt pulled towards everything that is beautiful, and towards love and imagination. A Taurus Moon sign considers their relationships very important, and needs to feel profound love with their partners.

Taurus Moon Sign and Moon in Taurus Transit Meanings Infographic

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