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The Cancer Moon - Cancer Moon Sign and Moon in Cancer Transit Meanings

September 07, 2018 0 Comments

The Cancer Moon - Cancer Moon Sign and Moon in Cancer Transit Meanings

Moon in Cancer Transit - What Does it Mean?

When it comes to interpreting the Moon in Cancer and how it affects you, it doesn’t quite matter what your Sun or Moon signs are. For a few days during the month we're all affected by the Moon in Cancer. During these days we can feel somewhat more delicate, sensitive and more vulnerable than we usually do for other times of the month. You'll have the desire to set up stronger shields between you and others, hoping to give yourself some more security. This is one of Cancer's tendencies - living with your guards raised so you can feel safe. In this way, when the Moon is in Cancer, you'll feel more protective over yourself, as well as those you cherish.

Moon in Cancer Transit Effects:

  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Keeping your guard up
  • Wanting to stay at home
  • Wanting to be surrounded by close relationships
  • Feeling sensitive

Because the Cancer zodiac sign is related to the feminine and motherly qualities, during the Moon in Cancer, you'll feel a stronger inclination to support and tend to everybody as though they were your children. Household matters will feel more important for you than expected, and you may wind up needing to be at home a bit more, surrounded by your friends and family. This is an extraordinary time to welcome individuals over to your home so that you can share stories over a home cooked meal, or spend time with your friends for a night of fun.

Feelings will be elevated with the Moon in Cancer, and you can lash out when you aren’t able to express how you're feeling. Don’t worry, these additional feelings don’t need to be something to be ashamed of. With the Moon in Cancer, you may find it easier to tune into your emotional needs, giving you a superior comprehension of what you require in life to feel fulfilled.

Natal Cancer Moon Sign - Your Personality

While your Sun sign speaks to the individual you show to the world, your Moon sign (or natal Moon sign) is all about how you feel, and the Cancer zodiac sign is filled with strong emotions. You wouldn't know it with the thick shell they use to secure themselves though - but keep in mind that they just set up a hard exterior on the grounds that within, they tend to be extraordinarily delicate, and can get hurt very easily.

They're aren't only mindful of their own emotions - they're additionally very skilled at reading the emotions of people around them. Being a water sign, they are connected to the ability of intuition, and can see how others are feeling or what they require. You can't trick a Cancer Moon sign since they'll see directly through you!

Cancer Moon Sign Personality Traits:

  • Emotional
  • Protective
  • Devoted
  • Caring
  • Domestic
  • Vulnerable
  • Sensitive

Matters of the heart and home are extremely critical to those with a Cancer Moon sign. Profoundly faithful, they consider their relationships with others very important, and love spending their energy and time with family and companions. Characteristic nurturers, they frequently make a special effort to help others feel cherished. It's not unexpected that Cancer Moon signs have a notoriety for being a "motherly sign" of the zodiac.

Cancer Moon Sign and Moon in Cancer Transit Meanings Infographic

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