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How It Works

All our posters are customized and printed based on the details that you pass us during checkout. Because each astrology natal chart is illustrated individually, line by line, it can take up to 5 business days for us to completel your order.

From then on, the printing process can take an estimated 3 business days.

When all is said and done, we estimate each custom astrology birth chart to start shipping around 1.5 to 2 weeks after ordering.

We will do our best to make custom changes for you. All additional customization is done a case by case basis.

Simple additions like a short quote, a sentence or two, these should be no problem. Just contact us, and we'll make the edits.

If there's something special that you'd like done, that is very very different from what is available on the site, it's best to message us before placing your order, so we can confirm it's possible on our end.

It happens sometimes!

If your natal chart has not completed the illustration process, since we are creating these charts by hand, there is a small window of time where we can make corrections. If you notice an error, pleasemessage us immediately and we will do our best to correct it! This may mean that it will take longer to complete the finished artwork however.

Generally, please make sure that all your information is accurate before you send us the order. This includes any typos, spelling errors, and the birth date, place and time.

After it's sent to printing, we cannot make any corrections.


If we catch the error early enough and the package hasn't gone out yet, we can absolutely make the changes. Contact us and we'll make the edits!

If the package has already gone out, we would suggest contacting the carrier to request re-routing the package. If they are unable to carry that request, and it is sent back to us, we will send it to you once we receive it back. We regret adding in that you may have to pay to have it re-shipped if it was your error.

Once your package is shipped, we send tracking notifications to the email or phone number that you provide us. You should also get an order confirmation soon after you purchase to the same email address.

If you don't receive an order confirmation:

⭐️ Please check your spam folder and mark our emails as "not spam". This should ensure you get the proper notifications going forward.
⭐️ If you paid with PayPal, the email address you used to sign in will receive the order confirmation and all further emails.

Otherwise, feel free to email us and we can take a look!

Sometimes there is a delay between us sending the shipping companies your tracking number and getting that data on their site. If you are still having troubles, please contact us.

Sometimes we find that a customer inadvertently enters an incorrect or incomplete shipping address when placing the order. In that case the package fails to be delivered and is returned to sender by the carrier. Packages are also returned to sender if the customer doesn't pick up the package from the carrier as instructed on the tracking link, because of a delivery issue; eg; no one home to receive the package or there isn't a safe place to drop the package.

This return process can take some time unfortunately, as carriers place priority on their day to day delivery commitments.

But all isn't lost; we can re ship the package when it arrives back to us, after it is checked over for any possible damage, and processed for re shipment. But we will charge a reshipping fee. For the re shipping fee pertinent to your country please contact us with your order number and we will send a paypal payment link for the appropriate amount.

Most of the time with this issue the carrier has marked it as delivered as it has been put in the van for delivery to your property. Give it another 1-2 business days for it to be physically delivered to you. 

Other times - if you were not home when they delivered - the carrier has left the package with a neighbor or in an obscure part of your property. Be sure to check around before assuming it has been lost. If you're in an apartment building, this can be in your mail room, or held by reception.

The vast majority of time people have experienced this issue - the print will either be delivered within one or two business days, or it is on or around the property.

Once it has been shipped, we cannot contact the carriers on your behalf, but please feel free to call them with your tracking number and they should provide you with an update.

Hope this helps!

Refunds and Cancellations

Since all items are custom-printed, we do not accept refunds or cancellations. After you place an order, we begin work on each poster.

Please note that if you had an error on your natal chart due to incorrect data entered when placing the order, we can correct this as long as you catch the error on time! If you have already placed the order, please email us as soon as possible, and we can correct it before we send the item to print! Otherwise, we don't accept returns for customer error or oversight.

If there is an issue with the quality of the print itself, or damage during shipping, please message us and we can issue you a replacement print!


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