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Mercury and Zodiac Signs - Natal Mercury Sign Meanings and Mercury Transits

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury and Zodiac Signs - Natal Mercury Sign Meanings and Mercury Transits

How do you communicate and get across your ideas? How do you tend to make decisions? How do you get, process, assimilate, and exchange knowledge? All of these are related to the planet Mercury's position on your natal chart. Even though you might be an Aries, you can have Mercury in Taurus, so your style of communication isn't exactly as energetic as one would expect from a fiery Aries. Mercury, like the other planets on your natal chart, give some more refinement and detail to your Sun sign. In particular, it characterizes how you take in and express information from our general surroundings.

Speedy Mercury is the planet nearest to the Sun. It has the role of being the heavenly messenger of the universe, dispersing the sun’s will and spreading it through the cosmos. Planet Mercury for the most part takes about 3-4 weeks to travel across one of the zodiac signs.

How Your Mercury Sign Affects Your Personality

Your Mercury sign is associated with thought, ideas, intellect and communication. Because of its effect on our minds, Mercury’s position in the natal chart also can affect how organized you are, your perception and deductive reasoning capabilities. Your capacity for analysis, categorizing, gathering data and different strategies for understanding things all originate from this planet.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Like all the planets, Mercury also goes into retrograde, which can influence even those that typically have a good relationship with this planet. This can challenge all endeavors that require communication. When Mercury is retrograde, you may discover difficulties in expressing yourself, and understanding the things around you. This is especially marked if Mercury happens to be retrograde in your own natal sign.

Mercury in Zodiac Signs - Transits and Natal Mercury Signs

Mercury in Aries / Aries Mercury Sign

In terms of communication, The Aries Mercury sign tends to speak without thinking, always fearless when it comes to expressing what they truly believe. They are very independent thinkers, never afraid of an intellectual challenge. When it comes to understanding and processing information, they tend to do best with small, quick bits of ideas.

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Mercury in Taurus / Taurus Mercury Sign

The Taurus Mercury sign is rather practical when it comes to communication, choosing common sense and ideas that have reliability over those that are novel and exciting. They like guarantees, objectivity, and clarity. They may have a hard time processing new ideas and when it comes to plans, they have a strong need to stick to them, at all costs.

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Mercury in Gemini / Gemini Mercury Sign

The Gemini Mercury sign feels quite at home here, since Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet. Those with this natal configuration are chatty and sharp thinkers, quickly processing information. They love variety, meaning you’ll find them consuming all sorts of trivia just for the pleasure of it. They do get bored easily however.

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Mercury in Cancer / Cancer Mercury Sign

The Cancer Mercury sign has a strong blend of intellect and emotion, and they have an uncanny ability to understand the feelings of those that are around them. They best process information through their feelings, and it may be hard for them to detach emotionally from facts. They need their sense of safety, so communication tends to be best when they are feeling secure and not vulnerable.

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Mercury in Leo / Leo Mercury Sign

The Leo Mercury sign is one that loves being the center of attention, and communicate best when they know that they have an audience. And having an audience comes easy to them - as they are quite talented at telling vivid, dramatic and exciting stories.

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Mercury in Virgo / Virgo Mercury Sign

The Virgo Mercury sign also feels quite at home here, as Mercury also rules Virgo. These people are very organized and analytical, and function well when there’s a plan and a schedule. They are focused and objective thinkers, and they see all the subtleties that others may miss.

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Mercury in Libra / Libra Mercury Sign

The Libra Mercury sign communicates with grace and charm, always seeking to avoid conflict. Sometimes, they may take lots of time to come to a decision, as they are constantly thinking about the pros and cons of each choice. Before making any choice, what they need to know is not just how that choice affects themselves, but others too.

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Mercury in Scorpio / Scorpio Mercury Sign

The Scorpio Mercury sign is one that dives deep into ideas, never the one to explore a thought half heartedly. When it comes to making choices, they are always thinking about what lies below the surface, who has the power and what relationships affect things. They are adept at reading others, though they also need to find time for themselves to process information on their own.

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Mercury in Sagittarius / Sagittarius Mercury Sign

The Sagittarius Mercury sign is a master multitasker, with their fingers in so many projects. They are independent thinkers that love learning, though they find it hard to concentrate on just one thing. They think about the big picture scenarios, but struggle when it comes to details.

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Mercury in Capricorn / Capricorn Mercury Sign

The Capricorn Mercury sign likes to get straight to the point, avoiding feelings, distractions or extraneous details. Their communication style can be a little gruff and condescending at times. They prefer to know how things affect the bigger picture and the long term goals before making a decision. Understandingpower hierarchies also help them make choices.

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Mercury in Aquarius / Aquarius Mercury Sign

The Aquarius Mercury sign is a friendly sign that loves new ideas, especially when it comes to experimenting with thoughts and concepts that seem a little kooky and “out there”. They are objective people that like to avoid emotions when it comes to making decisions.

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Mercury in Pisces / Pisces Mercury Sign

The Pisces Mercury sign has a hard time separating feelings with facts, and often find themselves wandering in their thoughts. They are abstract thinkers, meaning that communicating what their ideas are is often difficult because of how creative and expansive they are. They may need instead to express themselves in other mediums, like art, music, dance as well as the spoken word.

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Natal Mercury Sign Meanings and Mercury Transit Meanings Infographic

Natal Mercury Sign Meanings and Mercury Transit Meanings Infographic - Mercury in Zodiac Signs



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