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Moon Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

July 02, 2018 0 Comments

Moon Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

The cyclical moon has a strong impact on our planet earth. It influences the tides and stabilizes our atmosphere by managing the wobble of the Earth on its axis. As an celestial body, the moon takes on a comparable role in our personality, allowing our feelings to flow and directing our internal emotions. For example, somebody with a Scorpio moon sign may hold their emotions under their cool exterior, until the moment that they suddenly erupt, but an Aries moon may be riled up quickly, unafraid to release their feelings publicly.

The Planet Moon in Astrology - Symbol and Statistics

  • Transit Time: Every 2-3 Days
  • Rules Over Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Strengths: Adaptability
  • Weaknesses: Inconsistency
  • Verb: "Feel"

The Planet Moon in Astrology - What It Rules

  • Emotions
  • Instincts
  • Habits
  • Intuition
  • Home
  • The Mother
  • Moods
  • Creativity
  • Unconscious

The Moon as a Ruling Planet in Astrology

Each celestial body is said to rule over a zodiac sign. The moon rules over Cancer, the zodiac sign related closely to femininity, the mother, the home and our general conviction that all is well with the world. Understanding your moon sign can enable you to explore your relationship with every one of the women in your life. It might likewise characterize how well you coexist with your mother. A Gemini moon, for instance may find it easy to be best friends with their mother, while a Taurus moon may yearn for dependability and consistency from her.

What the Moon Rules over in Astrology

The moon changes signs every 2-3 days, traveling through the entire celestial band in roughly 28 days. Our variable moods are influenced by the moon and it is frequently thought of as the feminine partner to the masculine sun. The sun is considered active while the moon is thought of as receptive. The sun’s vitality transmits outward, while the moon absorbs the sun’s warmth and energy.

Generally, your moon sign will answer the following questions about you:

What pushes your buttons? In what aspects of your life are you generally touchy? How do you deal with your emotions and how deep are they?

Your moon sign rules over how you respond to your emotions

A deliberate Capricorn moon sign may see emotions as things that need to be controlled, while an emotional and empathetic Pisces moon does not have such a filter, and they may cry over the slightest provocations.

Your moon sign rules over your emotional needs

Your moon sign dictates whether you require a ton of verbal consolation (Scorpio moon) or whether you feel loved when others urge you to go out on a limb and take the lead (Leo moon). Would you be able to lead a life of a wandering (Sagittarius moon) or do you require a strong home base that you can dig down and create roots with (Cancer moon)? Indeed, even the way you emotionally connect with your finances can even be uncovered by the moon's location in your natal chart.

Your moon sign rules over your unconscious self

Each moon sign has its own light side—the outward emotions and sentiments that we are generally okay with communicating.

Since the moon rotates on its axis at a similar speed that it circles planet Earth, we can see only half of her from our vantage point down here on earth. What we can’t see is the dark side of the moon. This is analogous to the feelings that crawl up from our subconscious and take us by surprise; these are the feelings that we may not even know about, feelings that we may try and simply dismiss as if they weren’t there.

Understanding your moon sign can bring a profound feeling of self-understanding, yet it may be a long journey towards comprehension. Psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung's idea of the shadow certainly reminds us of this. To "know thyself" is really an endless voyage. Exploring the hidden features of your moon sign can help you get there.

Moon Sign in Astrology Meanings and Characteristics Infographic

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