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Scorpio Zodiac Sign - The Scorpio Personality in Love, Work, and Friendship

April 30, 2018 0 Comments

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Correspondences - Scorpio Personality, Scorpio Symbol, Scorpio Mythology and Scorpio Meaning

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality

The Scorpio zodiac sign is one that is the most misunderstood. Many of them quite enjoy their time alone, and many can even becomeirritated if they cannot have that personal time for themselves. They are simultaneously both independent and clingy; they work very well alone, and from afar, it can seem that they have an aura of mystery cloaking them. They are also very passionate and driven people. Their ability to keep secrets as well as guard their emotions very closely means that they seem unapproachable and intimidating. Their independence from others starts early on as children, as they constantly seek to test their limits and breach the unknown. Their love of challenges, and uncovering what is hidden can mean that they develop a reputation for an almost ferociousness when it comes to seeking the truth. The Scorpio zodiac sign is constantly searching for the unspoken undertones in any relationship or interaction. For this reason, they can sometimes even be misconstrued as controlling and manipulative. In general, the Scorpio zodiac sign comes off as full of paradoxes.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Characteristics

  • Date:October 23 - November 22
  • Duality: Receptive
  • Quality: Fixed

Scorpio Zodiac Sign in Love and Relationships

Being ruled by passionate and fiery Mars and power-hungry Pluto, Scorpio has just one mode for dealing with relationships - and that is with all their energy. Scorpio cherishes love and passion, and that includes the darker side of relationships, such as heated arguments with their partner. Scorpio never does anything half-heartedly, and truly believes that genuine love also comes genuine fights.

Scorpio cherishes love and passion, and that includes the darker side of relationships, such as heated arguments with their partner.

Flirty, alluring, and enigmatic, Scorpio cherishes playing hard to get at first, and may appear as though they never make the first move. This isn't quite valid, however. Scorpio can most certainly be pulling the strings behind the relationship, but they usually depend on non-verbal communication and intuitive signals to influence their potential lover to do precisely what they need them to do. Scorpio cherishes the pursuit, and adores the drama that accompanies first dates. They like to go full out with outfits, reservations, and candles and truly desire to be the best date you've had in your life.

Scorpio can most certainly be pulling the strings behind the relationship, but they usually depend on non-verbal communication and intuitive signals to influence their potential lover to do precisely what they need them to do.

While Scorpio may appear as though they're knowledgeable in the game of love and seduction, they can be quite guarded and careful with regards to developing a long term relationship. This is because the Scorpio zodiac sign is a water sign, meaning that they tend to conceal a considerable measure of feeling just under their surface, and when they open up to someone important in their life, they need it to be forever. When a Scorpio lets their guard down, it's a major ordeal, and can be an indicator that they really desire the relationship to last.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign in Work and Careers

The Scorpio zodiac sign never does anything without throwing their whole selves into it, meaning that they can often times be taking on too much work when they're enthusiastic about it. It can take a couple of false starts for Scorpio to discover a work-life balance. When Scorpio doesn't care for their work team, keep an eye out! Scorpio would prefer to take on their job solo than endeavor to work with individuals they feel don't live up to their standards.

Scorpio zodiac signs are incredibly intelligent and natural multi taskers, so they flourish at being business owners. Scorpio is always committed, and can see their jobs from start to finish. They do however, need a lot of autonomy and trust. They loathe having others micromanage them.

The Scorpio zodiac sign can be a challenging supervisor, but can likewise be one that their employees cherish. They are just, demanding, and need their employees to do their best. They're incredible at spotting and supporting talented workers, and their natural passion for what they do motivates individuals to work their hardest.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign with Money

Scorpio has a rather complex association with money. Their knowledge and instincts mean that they earn money effectively, yet their love for extravagance implies that it's also effortlessly spent. The Scorpio zodiac sign can get stressed because they realize what they "should" be doing with their money, yet now and again experience considerable difficulties having enough control to actually follow through. Scorpio can get greedy when others have more than they have, particularly on the off chance that they see the individual who has it isn't as savvy or persevering as them. The more Scorpio assumes responsibility of their finances, including proactively contributing, the better they'll feel.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign Correspondences

  • Planet: Pluto
  • Tarot Card: Death
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Colors: Blood Red, Black, Grey
  • Stones: Serpentine, Obsidian, Topaz
  • Metal: Iron, Steel
  • Herbs: Myrrh, Cumin, Ginger
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Incense: Benzoin
  • Animals: Scorpion, Wolf, Eagle, Panther

Scorpio Zodiac Sign in Greek Mythology

Since the zodiac constellations were first cataloged by astronomers in ancient Greece, many of the stories that are associated with them come their mythology.

Orion, Atermis and Constellation Scorpio

Orion, the legendary hunter of Greek mythology, once bragged to the Atermis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon, that he was skilled enough to kill all the creatures on earth. Although she was a huntress herself, and a very skilled one at that, she also was very protective of her creatures, and was appalled at Orion’s boasting. She and her mother, Leto, instructed a scorpion to battle with Orion. During that battle, the scorpion killed Orion - and the match was so entertaining to the gods, that Zeus chose to reward and honor the scorpion by placing it in the heavens as the constellation Scorpio. Later on, Atermis pleaded with Zeus to also include Orion into the heavens as well, as a reminder that pride can be humanity’s downfall.

Phaeton and the Constellation Scorpio

Another legend tells of the sun god Helios and his son, Phaeton. Helios had promised Phaeton that he would grant one wish, and Phaeton chose to ride his father’s chariot for one day. This chariot carried the sun every day across the sky, and Helios thought it was too much for his son to handle, but acquiesced only because he made a promise. When Phaeton rode the chariot, he lost control of the horses; first he flew so high that the earth turned frigid and cold. The celestial scorpion readied its stinger as he flew ever higher, and so he quickly went downwards, so much so that he created fires that spread over the earth. In the end, Zeus had to strike Phaeton down with a thunderbolt to end the ravaging of the earth.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality and Correspondences Infographic

Astrology Zodiac Sign Scorpio Infographic - Scorpio Personality, Scorpio Careers, Scorpio Work, Scorpio Correspondences



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