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Leo Zodiac Sign - The Leo Personality in Love, Work, and Friendship

April 30, 2018 0 Comments

Leo Zodiac Sign Correspondences - Leo Personality, Leo Symbol, Leo Mythology and Leo Meaning

The Leo Zodiac Sign Personality

One of the first things people will notice around a Leo is their almost royal air. This zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun, meaning that they love being the center of attention. In return, they effortlessly bring light and warmth to the people that surround them. They often like having a large social circle around them so they feel appreciated and adored. Luckily for them, many Leos have a natural charm and magnetism, so that others are simply drawn in by their charisma.

They are rather innocent and happy people; that combined with their extroverted nature means that many people truly enjoy being around them. Being a regal lion, they naturally love all things luxurious; their love of material things means that they are drawn to careers that can provide them with a salary fit for a king. Oftentimes, they are skilled leaders. This means that they excel at high powered careers, being the key decision maker and process creator. Naturally, their strong sense of pride makes it hard for them to take orders from others, especially those they do not respect.

Leo Zodiac Sign Characteristics

  • Dates:July 23 - August 22
  • Duality: Active
  • Quality: Fixed

Leo Zodiac Sign in Love and Relationships

The Leo zodiac sign is enthusiastic and sincere, meaning that they demonstrate their emotionseffortlessly and with clarity. When they are in love, they are fun, faithful, attentive and exceptionally generous towards their lover. They will prefer to be the leader in their relationships, and have a firm requirement for independency and activity. This can be tiring for their partner sometimes, particularly if their Leo begins forcing their will and organizing things that aren't theirs to begin with. Every Leo needs an partner who is mindful, reasonable and on the same intellectual level as them. Their lover likewise needs to be able to express their own feelings and fight for themselves, or else the vast amount of light from their Leo's Sun may outshine their own.

The Leo zodiac sign is enthusiastic and sincere, meaning that they demonstrate their emotions effortlessly and with clarity.

The love life of every Leo zodiac sign is a journey and an adventure, fun and extremely lively. This is somebody who has a reasonable comprehension of the difference between sex and love, yet they may neglect to perceive how essential intimacy is to the nature of their sex life. Each Leo needs a partner to battle through their ego and find their delicate, intuitive center, so that they can discover genuine fulfillment in a meaningful relationship.

Each Leo needs a partner to battle through their ego and find their delicate, intuitive center, so that they can discover genuine fulfillment in a meaningful relationship.

Leo Zodiac Sign in Work and Careers

Leos are filled with energy and have a tendency to always be occupied, regardless of what their job actually expects of them. They are filled with ambition, inventive and optimistic and once they commit to their work, they will do all that their job requires of them flawlessly. The most ideal situation they can wind up in is to work for themselves or oversee others with as little control from their bosses as possible. Occupations that permit open expression of emotion and opinion, such as acting and comedy, are perfect for a Leo zodiac sign. Management, training and politics are likewise a solid match, and additionally anything that places them in a leadership position, which suits them quite well.

Leo Zodiac Sign with Money

Leo zodiac signs love to be surrounded by current trends and stylish things. And although money usually comes easily to them, they are less responsible than some of the other signs of the zodiac. They are quite generous creatures, meaning that they can provide for their many companions with financial help, supporting them through rough circumstances. Although this can sometimes meant that they are taken advantage of, it generally gives them a feeling of comfort.

Leo Zodiac Sign Correspondences

  • Planet: Sun
  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Colors: Gold, Yellow
  • Stones: Sunstone, Amber, Tiger’s Eye
  • Metal: Gold
  • Herbs: Marigold, Nutmeg
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Incense: Frankincense
  • Animals: Lion, Wolf

Leo Zodiac Sign in Greek Mythology

Since the zodiac constellations were first cataloged by astronomers in ancient Greece, many of the stories that are associated with them come their mythology.

Heracles, the Nemean Lion and the Constellation Leo

Of all of Zeus’s illegitimate children, Hera hated Heracles the most. She first conspired to kill him as a baby, so he was hidden by his mother Alcmene. He was saved by Athena, who brought Heracles to Hera, who did not recognize him and nursed him, giving him supernatural powers. He suckled so strongly that it caused Hera to push him away in pain. Her milk sprayed across the heavens, forming the Milky Way. Athena then took Heracles back to his parents. In adulthood, he is driven into a fit of rage by Hera, and in turn murders his own children. To repent for this deed, he undergoes 12 tasks.

His first task was to kill the Nemean Lion, whose fur was supposedly invincible, and whose claws were so sharp, that they slice through any armor. According to legend, the Lion stole women from a nearby village into its den, and thus lured warriors and men into the cave. Once the warrior came into the cave, they would see the maiden in pain and run towards her. As the warrior comes closer, the maiden would transform into the lion, revealing its true nature. When arriving to the village, Heracles gathers some arrows, not knowing of the lion’s impenetrable fur. When he shoots the first arrow, he is surprised, and devises another plan to kill the lion. The lion’s den has two entrances, one of which Heracles blocks with a giant boulder. While the beast is sleeping, Heracles bashes it with his club, stunning the creature momentarily. Heracles then wrestles with the lion, eventually winning with his brute strength and strangling it to death - but not before the lion chews off one of his fingers.

Leo Zodiac Sign Personality and Correspondences Infographic

Astrology Zodiac Sign Leo Infographic - Leo Personality, Leo Careers, Leo Work, Leo Correspondences



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