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Mercury Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

July 02, 2018 0 Comments

Mercury Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

In Greek and Roman legends, as well as in astrology, Mercury is a messenger, a planet that coordinates the ways that we think, communicate and share data.

The planet Mercury is one of the smallest planets in our solar system, but he is an integral part of our everyday lives. Being the speedy god of messages, he circles the Sun in just 88 days. While the Sun represents how we express ourselves, Mercury encourages us put our identity into real words. Language is one of the things that this planet rules over. This includes the way we compose, combine and exchange information; these days, Mercury even rules over our technology and transportation.

About Mercury Retrograde in Astrology

This speedy little planet normally changes zodiac signs every three weeks. But there's an exemption when it comes to those famous Mercury retrograde periods when Mercury passes the Earth as it is orbiting. This happens three to four times every year, making Mercury wait in one zodiac sign (or float back and forth between two zodiac signs) for up to nine weeks. Everything that is related to communication has a tendency to go haywire in these times of Mercury retrograde, which last around three weeks, making those weeks famous for the chaos that they cause.

Planet Mercury in Astrology - Symbol and Statistics

  • Transit Time: Every 3-4 Weeks
  • Rules Over Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Virgo
  • Strengths: Expression, Persuasiveness
  • Weaknesses: Anxiety, Lies
  • Verb: "Think"

Planet Mercury in Astrology - What It Rules

  • Mind
  • Communication
  • Language
  • Reason
  • Intellect
  • Intelligence
  • Social Relationships
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Mercury as a Ruling Planet in Astrology

Each planet rules over a zodiac sign—and for Mercury's situation, there are two: curious Gemini and logical Virgo.

Your Mercury sign rules over how you communicate

Chatty, talkative Gemini uncovers Mercury's talent for conversation, and his capacity to flirt, appeal and work the room. Gemini is the masculine, or active articulation of Mercury; expressed as the more outward and external task of communication.

Regardless of what zodiac sign your Mercury is in, this planet uncovers your double nature. For those conceived with their Mercury sign in Scorpio, for instance, they may be deft communicators when it comes to seduction and sex. Mercury in Libra people could be inclined toward being people pleasers when they need to maintain peace and harmony. How you move about town—including the sort of auto or bicycle or bike you pick—can even be ruled by Mercury's placement in your natal chart.

Your Mercury sign rules over how you perceive and organize information

The second aspect of the planet Mercury appears through Virgo and is feminine, or receptive, in nature. This is the internal facing version of Mercury. How would we process information? Are we organized? Or rather messy and chaotic? Do we get a kick out of the chance to toss things in a heap or do we feel compelled to store them perfectly on racks? Do we process data through visuals, by touch or by just by listening carefully? Mercury's position in your natal chart will speak to you regarding this.

Your Mercury sign rules over your social life

Finally, who do you truly click with? The planet Mercury rules over the social aspect of your natal chart, directing your relationships, whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. If you are looking for more fulfilling relationships with other humans, let your Mercury sign be your guide. His position in your graph says a lot. In self-assured Aries, you require energizing, dynamic, adrenaline junkies who let you be the leader of the pack. In supportive Cancer, you pine for companions who are as dedicated as family.

Mercury Sign in Astrology Meanings and Characteristics Infographic

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