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Gemini Zodiac Sign - The Gemini Personality in Love, Work, and Friendship

April 30, 2018 0 Comments

Gemini Zodiac Sign Correspondences - Gemini Personality, Gemini Symbol, Gemini Mythology and Gemini Meaning

The Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality

Gemini is a social zodiac sign that loves to mix and mingle with the world. They are their happiest when they can share their ideas and thoughts with others. Communication is one of their highest priorities, and they can take it so far that sometimes they seem rather full of nervous anxiety and energy. This zodiac sign fares fantastically in careers where lots of correspondence is needed; they are curious minds that love asking questions, making conversation and learning about new things.

They often are knowledgeable about so many things because of their endless curiosity. Their love for exploration and and expanding the limits of their mind means that they oftentimes need stimulation - making them seek out new experiences. They hate being bored, meaning that they’ve learned in their childhood how to make things fun and entertaining when they are not. Oftentimes, this makes them very lively friends whose company will be very much enjoyed and appreciated.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Characteristics

  • Dates:May 21 - June 20
  • Duality: Active
  • Quality: Mutable

Gemini Zodiac Sign in Love and Relationships

Fun and constantly prepared for a mental challenge, Gemini finds love first through constant correspondence and verbal contact. Being an air sign, they find that communication is as vital as physical contact with their lover. If both these requirements are met, all doubts that a Gemini has seem to fade away. Curious and constantly prepared to be a tease, a Gemini can invest a great deal of time with many different lovers until they finally decide on the right one - a lover who can stimulate both their intellect and passion. They require excitement, variety and energy, and when they locate the ideal individual, who can be a lover, a companion and somebody to converse with joined into one, they will be dependable and loyal.

They require excitement, variety and energy, and when they locate the ideal individual, who can be a lover, a companion and somebody to converse with joined into one, they will be dependable and loyal.

The greatest test for any Gemini zodiac sign’s love life is to find a love that lasts, particularly as they grow older or find that they may be in a rut, surrounded by shallow or tedious relationships. Their identity doesn't allow for much depth, for they prefer instead of explore and spread knowledge, not to dive into it and discover missteps, gaps, or resolutions. They view life from a relative perspective of change and movement, and never really sure of their own course.

Gemini may make sharp and sudden changes, leaving the individuals who cherish them behind. But they are best suited to partners that can follow their pace and are prepared to establish lasting bonds through time.

Gemini Zodiac Sign in Work and Careers

In consistent need of intellectual stimulation, the most appropriate career for a Gemini must test their mind. They are dexterous, imaginative and extremely smart, so the require a dynamic workplace and a great deal of socializing. The best vocations they can pick are those of traders, creators, authors, speakers, preachers and attorneys, yet any profession that gives them the chance to communicate openly while keeping them progressing and consistently occupied is a superb decision. Seemingly made for multitasking, critical thinking and breathing life into new ideas, they require a working environment that won't keep them stuck in a tedious routine, one filled with dull assignments that don't enable them to shine.

Gemini Zodiac Sign with Money

Choosing common sense and joy can be a troublesome decision for Gemini. Despite the fact that they believe that cash is only a necessary evil, the vast majority of them won't invest much energy thinking where to procure it or how they spent it. They require solid foundations to hold their funds in line and sorted out, giving them a feeling of certainty and security they regularly don't know they require.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Correspondences

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Tarot Card: The Lovers
  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Colors: Yellow, Orange
  • Stones: Agate, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye
  • Metal: Quicksilver
  • Herbs: Lavender, Lily of the Valley
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Incense: Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood
  • Animals: Butterfly, Horse

Gemini Zodiac Sign in Greek Mythology

Since the zodiac constellations were first cataloged by astronomers in ancient Greece, many of the stories that are associated with them come their mythology.

Castor, Pollux and the Constellation Gemini

In another of his amorous pursuits, the god Zeus disguised himself as a swan in order to seduce Leda, a princess he falls in love with. As a swan, he goes to Leda for protection from an eagle and then takes the opportunity to ravish her. That same night, she goes and lays with her mortal husband, Tyndareus. She lays two eggs; resulting in Helen, Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux. It is unclear which of these children are mortal and which are divine.

Castor and Pollux were prominent heroes in many myths - later joining the band of heroes known as the argonauts, as they accompanied Jason on his pursuit of the golden fleece. Their first story as heroes emerges when they save their sister Helen from the King Theseus of Attica.

Later, the twins fall in love with Phoebe and Hilaeira, who were already promised however, to another set of twin brothers - Lynceus and Idas of Thebes. Castor and Pollux decide to abduct the sisters, and bring them both to Sparta. The women bear Castor and Pollux sons, and remain in Sparta. This however, sets off a feud between the families of the two sets of twins. In the remaining years, during one of the feuds, Castor is fatally wounded by Idas, while Pollux kills Lynceus. Before Idas could kill Pollux however, Zeus sends a thunderbolt and kills Idas, supposedly to save his son. As Castor is dying, Zeus gives Pollux a choice to give part of his immortality to his twin brother. Pollux agrees and the two twins alternate between Hades, the underworld and Mount Olympus. They come to symbolize life and death. Zeus eventually places them into the heaves as Gemini, where they become two of the brightest stars in that constellation.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality and Correspondences Infographic

Astrology Zodiac Sign Gemini Infographic - Gemini Personality, Gemini Careers, Gemini Work, Gemini Correspondences 


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