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Mercury in Capricorn - Capricorn Mercury Sign and Mercury in Capricorn Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Capricorn - Capricorn Mercury Sign and Mercury in Capricorn Transit Meanings

Mercury in Capricorn Transit - What Does it Mean?

Capricorn is one of the most career focused signs of the zodiac, with its sights set on productivity and achievement. When Mercury invests energy here, we are all prone to think and act in manners that will enable us to achieve our objectives. Capricorn's impact clears up our thoughts, helping us focus on the most imperative and productive ideas. We're additionally ready to be more straightforward in our communications with Mercury in Capricorn, eliminating errors and reducing misunderstandings.

One of the greatest advantages we all have during the Mercury in Capricorn transit is that we have a better ability to develop ideas. The numerous musings that go through our heads are simpler to sort out now, and we can see them like pieces of a riddle, moving them around until they all fit together in the way that makes the most sense. When we can see our thoughts as one solid whole, we can make a move and manifest them into the real world.

While we have a tendency to be clear during the Mercury in Capricorn transit, we should be careful with the tone we take while collaborating with others. Capricorn is intensely mindful of systems and hierarchy, which implies that discussion may turn out to be more controlling than productive. We as a whole think our thoughts are the best thoughts while Mercury is in Capricorn, but should we invest excessive energy stressing over who's in control, we won't wind up completing much.

Mercury in Capricorn Transit Effects:

  • Being more focused on goals
  • Having more practical thoughts
  • Better ability to transform thought into action
  • Being more aware of structure, systems and hierarchy
  • Being more achievement driven

Natal Mercury in Capricorn - Your Communication Style

If your Mercury sign is in Capricorn, you most likely have a solid, hard-working attitude and a reputation for being dependable. Your quiet and calm style of communication makes others feel they can confide in you and rely upon you. When you say you'll accomplish something, you do it.

You have very strong expectations for yourself. While you're progressing in the direction of one goal, you're already thinking about your next step. In any case, even though you really do like being on top, you should be careful to not let it get into your head - should you start talking down to others or appear to be too straightforward and controlling, you could wind up isolated and alone.

Despite the fact that some may consider you to be a pessimist, you instead just consider yourself to be realistic. In the event that something doesn't have a reason to exist in your life, there’s just no use to keeping it there. It's a simple thing for you. By frequently clearing out ideas, individuals, and circumstances that don't benefit you in any way, you can center around what's left: the things that will help you the most and make you the most happy.

Amongst all of the lessons that you can learn as someone with Mercury in Capricorn is that you don't have the answers to each and every single question that may come up. Not as much as you believe you do, at least. There is value in the opinions and perspectives of others and learning from those points of view. One can gain an advantage in seeing all the shades of gray. In the event that you keep your mind clear of any ideas that aren't your own, you'll restrain your astonishing potential.

Natal Mercury in Capricorn Personality Traits:

  • Organized
  • Goal Oriented
  • Authoritative
  • Professional
  • Realistic
  • Structured
  • Conservative

Mercury in Capricorn Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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