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Mercury in Pisces - Pisces Mercury Sign and Mercury in Pisces Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Pisces - Pisces Mercury Sign and Mercury in Pisces Transit Meanings

Mercury in Pisces Transit - What Does it Mean?

With Mercury in Pisces, our minds and our hearts are as open as they have ever been. Pisces flourishes in the most fantastic worlds you can envision. Consider the immense depth of the sea or the endless expanse of space - these are the domains of the Pisces zodiac sign. So while Mercury transits through Pisces, our minds are extended to this same level of immensity. We can see things we couldn't see previously, and comprehend things we couldn't understand before.

It won't be surprising that the thoughts we have with Mercury in Pisces will be rather hard to communicate. Our capacity to express ourselves ends up a bit murky here, and a great deal of the things that are going on in our heads are simply too difficult to use words for. This is where our instinct comes in. Pisces has one of the most developed intuitions of the zodiac, and reminds us to give careful consideration to those intuitions that we have. We know all sorts of things in ways that we can't quite explain, on the grounds that our instincts are being activated more during this Mercury in Pisces transit.

There are additionally a few cons to Mercury in Pisces. Miscommunication may happen, and we may experience difficulty remaining on track. We may overlook some things, be late for gatherings, or say things that don't exactly have the effect we intend to. When we're expressing ourselves from the heart, and not our brains, we may find the words to express our emotions rather inaccurate. There are sometimes not enough words in our language that can adequately describe the depth of our experiences.

In any case, Mercury's time in Pisces can open doors for us. With Mercury in Pisces, we are not bound by the same restrictions we usually feel. We are open to realizing our true potential. The possibility of being our best selves is here - now is the time to concentrate on the things that we can do, not the things that we can’t do.

Mercury in Pisces Transit Effects:

  • Having more profound thoughts and ideas
  • Focusing on the inner world
  • Having a stronger intuition
  • Bigger possibility of miscommunication
  • Having a hard time expressing ideas

Natal Mercury in Pisces - Your Communication Style

Individuals that were born with Mercury in Pisces are profound, instinctive, and empathetic. Mercury in most different signs is about the mind and the conscious aspects of our personality. In Pisces, however, it's about the intuitive. Having your Mercury in Pisces opens up your inner voice and allows you to "feel" things that other individuals just think. It's an exceptionally delicate arrangement of planets and zodiac signs that consistently reminds you to probe further and acknowledge that not everything on earth can be clarified by raw data.

Your Mercury in Pisces is to a great degree imaginative and creative. You are driven by your internal motivations and sometimes you may find yourself zoning out as you indulge in your fantasies. While you go through your regular daily experiences, you process the world through this gentler channel, helping you see the world in an optimistic light. It’s not that you ignore the tragedies that happen in the world; instead you choose to see be inspired by the magic that is still out there - you know there's something so much greater than what you see before you.

Since Pisces is such a profound sign, you flourish when contemplating questions like: What is the significance of life? What is my reason for existing? Is there a God? The fact that there are no clear cut answers doesn’t bother you in the least. Instead you feel restored by the unending measure of answers that are possible. When you discover a friend or partner who is as excited to dive into these ideas as much as you are, you're certain to see stars in your eyes.

Natal Mercury in Pisces Personality Traits:

  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Spiritual
  • Ethereal
  • Intuitive
  • Open

Mercury in Pisces Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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