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Mercury in Scorpio - Scorpio Mercury Sign and Mercury in Scorpio Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Scorpio - Scorpio Mercury Sign and Mercury in Scorpio Transit Meanings

Mercury in Scorpio Transit - What Does it Mean?

Scorpio flourishes when it comes to exploring the darker parts of our psyches - that part of us that is concerned with secrets, change, and death. Mercury in Scorpio is an amazingly curious creature that is forever unfulfilled with what is only skin-deep. Scorpio instead believes that the truth is discovered only when you burrow deeper, so while mental Mercury travels through the zodiac sign of Scorpio, we as a whole will be asking more questions and seeking meaning in hidden places. But we may not be completely happy when we discover the truth that lies below.

With Mercury in Scorpio, we will be searching to uncover all the darkest parts of ourselves. We will be be more mindful of our feelings of fear and desire, and the manner in which the lives of others affect our own. We can bond in substantially more personal ways since we won’t hesitate to talk about aspects of ourselves that are typically restricted.

Be that as it may, Mercury in Scorpio draws out the cynic in each one of us. While it might feel like we're searching for the worst in every circumstance, it’s much more about using negative thoughts to get positive outcomes. If we candispense with ideas that don't serve us, we can make more space for those that do.

Our psyches are additionally more suspicious with Mercury in Scorpio. Since it's a period that is marked by mystery and secrecy, we may jump to conclusions that things are happening behind our backs. But should we search for hidden truths where there aren’t any, likely under Scorpio's influence - we may end up filled with self-doubt and develop trust issues. All things considered, Mercury in Scorpio also has the ability to cultivate deeper intimacy. During this transit, we may be all the more ready to ask the really hard questions, and through that we may at long last find the answers we need to cultivate deeper relationships.

Mercury in Scorpio Transit Effects:

  • Feeling more suspicious
  • Searching for hidden meaning
  • Being more curious about what lies underneath the surface
  • Searching for deeper, more intimate connections
  • Seeing the worst of every situation

Natal Mercury in Scorpio - Your Communication Style

Individuals that are affected by Mercury in Scorpio can be extraordinary people. You see and process the world in an exceptionally intense manner, making it difficult for you to disregard your lingering questions and doubts. You realize that the information that is readily accessible to you shows only a hint of a something greater, and if your’e in need of the real truth, you must go further.

Your privacy is something that you value very deeply. When it comes to opening up and sharing yourself, you are very capable of doing so; but you need to first cultivate a relationship of genuine trust and kinship. If that condition is met, you’ll be able to share your feelings with passion and intensity. Because of your nature, you have a tendency to make deep connections with others, and may have an exceptionally hard time when it comes to ending relationships.

Issues of trust may become big obstacles for you to overcome. Trusting that others don't have ulterior motives or hidden plans is hard for you, and you could have enormous issues in your relationships by demanding for the truth, when it never was hidden from you. In a similar light, you exceedingly value your own sense of privacy, and don't appreciate it when other individuals try and pull you out of your safe space. The best thing you can do is give some consideration to your loved ones, and understand that occasionally, some things can be fully trusted after all.

Natal Mercury in Scorpio Personality Traits:

  • Passionate
  • Deep
  • Perceptive
  • Suspicious
  • Investigative
  • Intimate
  • Secretive
  • Private

Mercury in Scorpio Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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