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Mercury in Cancer - Cancer Mercury Sign and Mercury in Cancer Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Cancer - Cancer Mercury Sign and Mercury in Cancer Transit Meanings

Mercury in Cancer Transit - What Does it Mean?

When Mercury goes through Cancer, the mind and the heart become one. During this transit, we will thinking things through on a more profound level, and have a marked capacity to process and express our feelings. Mercury in Cancer allows us to speak with a gentler touch, be more vulnerable, and offer our whole selves to others.

The Cancer zodiac sign is centered around the things help us feel well, safe, and cherished. When the planet of communication, Mercury is in this zodiac sign, it may be easier to express our affection with others. We need our family, companions, and friends and family to be sure they're loved, and we may find it easier to express the most protective and intimate sides of ourselves during the Mercury in Cancer transit.

While Mercury travels through Cancer, we should open our minds to the messages we get from our instincts. As a Water sign, Cancer has an exceptionally strong sense of intuition. Mercury's transit through Cancer doesn't erase Mercury's standard sense of logic and rationale, instead extending it to incorporate the impulses and hunches that we receive from our intuition - things that can't be easily articulated. The time in this transit gives us an greater capacity to draw fundamental bits of knowledge from sources some don't generally approach.

It has been said that the greatest communication issues we all have is that we do too little listening, and too much speaking. That is not the situation with Mercury in Cancer. During this particular transit, we care enough to quit talking and begin tuning in. Even silence can feel deep and profound at this time. Mercury in Cancer is reminds us that to listen, we must do so with the heart, not just the ears.

Mercury in Cancer Transit Effects:

  • Combining logic with feeling
  • Ability to better express our feelings
  • Desire to express love and care
  • Having stronger intuitive instincts
  • Being a better listener

Natal Mercury in Cancer - Your Communication Style

Being born at the moment when Mercury, the planet of logic, is in the zodiac sign of emotions, Cancer, means that you process the world through a gentler focal point than others do. Your feelings are a strong piece of all that you do, and you tend to make decisions, judgments, and plans in light of feeling alone. Sure, you can see the present reality around you like every other person does, but you likewise take in and process delicate, instinctual vibrations that others can't. Since your instinct is so solid, you can comprehend others' needs, desires, and concerns, even when they don't state them.

You jump at the chance to express love, and you express it regularly. You have a delicate way with your words, making others feel loved and cheerful. Be that as it may, you now and then keep quiet about vital information to protect the feelings of others. Acknowledge, however, that not every person is as delicate as you seem to be, and that occasionally expressing painful truths is important, regardless of what emotions it might bring up.

Creating connections with others over deep discussion is relatively easy for you. While you might be wary at first, you warm up immediately when you sense that somebody is dependable and nurturing enough to reveal your emotions to. Superficial banter doesn't generally do it for you - your most trusted bonds are made when you share your own thoughts, fears, vulnerabilities, and happinesses with another kind soul.

Natal Mercury in Cancer Personality Traits:

  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Thoughtful
  • Loving
  • Warm
  • Perceptive

Mercury in Cancer Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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