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Mercury in Libra - Libra Mercury Sign and Mercury in Libra Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Libra - Libra Mercury Sign and Mercury in Libra Transit Meanings

Mercury in Libra Transit - What Does it Mean?

When Mercury, the planet of discourse and the Libra, the zodiac sign of individual relationships get together, our correspondence with others becomes our focus. This isn't simply about romantic relationships - it's also refers to the relationships that we have with our family, friends, and work associates. Should you be in the middle of any arguments, or you’ve been holding some resentment towards another, the Mercury in Libra transit can help you put them to rest.

Tact becomes the dominant focal point when Mercury is in Libra. The zodiac sign Libra is represented by Justice’s scales, so it means that we may be more rational and objective than ever during this transit, endeavoring to approach each circumstance in an impartial and fair way. Think about this transit as a delicate note from the universe on how important it is to think about another’s point of view - and also learning the kinds of magnificent rewards we can gain from embracing those other points of view.

On the flip side, one obstacle you’ll face during the Mercury in Libra transit is the inclination to be excessively nice. You may start confusing tact and diplomacy with being a doormat. Try not to sugar-coat things or withhold data just to abstain from causing trouble. What you think is being considerate could wind up being an obstruction to genuine understanding. We have to acknowledge there are numerous approaches to connect with somebody, and being agreeable is just one method. Expressing your convictions, even if it is opposite to what another person values, can create bonds too - so long as it is communicated with respect and transparency.

Mercury in Libra Transit Effects:

  • Stronger desire to be fair
  • Stronger desire to be agreeable - to a fault
  • Better ability to mediate and negotiate
  • Better ability to consider other perspectives
  • Better ability to be objective

Natal Mercury in Libra - Your Communication Style

With Mercury in Libra, you are a much needed refresher in any social circle you are part of. You are an incredible people person, making friends and companions everywhere you go. Other people tend to find you extremely enchanting, likely because you have a skill for knowing exactly what to say to put others at ease. You prefer to keep things simple, calm and relaxed, and you accept circumstances for what they are, meaning your adaptability and easygoing manner is simply one more reason others adore you.

Because of your people skills, you frequently find yourself in the role of the peacemaker, dodging (and even preventing) conflict any way that you can. You have a great capacity for keeping an open mind that encourages you think about everybody's perspective - meaning that you have an uncanny talent for finding common ground. This, combined with your agreeable and thoughtful nature, is particularly useful in circumstances that require joint effort or compromise.

With your Mercury in Libra you may find that choices - regardless of how enormous or little - are very difficult to make. Not one to be rash or hasty, you prefer to measure every one of your choices before you make a move. Investing energy considering the upsides and downsides of everything can appear as hesitation to others, but it is just that you need to try and find the ideal result for all parties involved.

To help decompress, you look towards art, beauty, music, writing. You appreciate exploring a wide assortment of creative and social exercises, and may even find your career in one of these fields.

Natal Mercury in Libra Personality Traits:

  • Objective
  • Kind
  • Charming
  • Agreeable
  • Fair
  • Tactful
  • Flirty

Mercury in Libra Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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