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Mercury in Gemini - Gemini Mercury Sign and Mercury in Gemini Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mercury in Gemini - Gemini Mercury Sign and Mercury in Gemini Transit Meanings

Mercury in Gemini Transit - What Does it Mean?

When you’re feeling like you're being pulled in twelve different directions, or that you're somewhat busier or distracted than usual, there's a decent possibility that we’re in the middle of a Mercury in Gemini transit. The mix of Mercury and Gemini implies we will presumably be more distracted and our thoughts may be more likely to go to tangents, unable to finish a single idea for a really long time. Envision a honey bee humming around inside a jug - that is what our minds resemble while we’re in this transit.

Mercury and Gemini are both all about facts and information. Things that are not factual or logical, things like theory, the meaning of life, and other bigger picture concerns turn out to be less vital to us when Mercury moves into this sign. Along these lines, speech may come all the more effortlessly for every one of us, despite the fact that truth can be elusive.

Should you be hoping that Mercury in Gemini may give you the motivation to compose that unique novel or to invent the world’s next biggest advancement, don't set your expectations too high. Following through isn't Mercury in Gemini's strength. It's more probable that one thought will drift into another, which will yet again into another - it’s best to keep a voice recorder close by and return to these flashes of insight later!

Mercury in Gemini Transit Effects:

  • Being more flighty
  • Being more distracted
  • Unable to focus on a single idea
  • Being focused on facts, not on theory
  • Having flashes of brilliance…only to forget later.

Natal Mercury in Gemini - Your Communication Style

Logic is what is most important to you during the Mercury in Gemini transit. That essentially explains how you approach things in general. You do things differently from some other signs in the zodiac; meaning that choosing to utilize your instinct or emotions to make a choice doesn't appeal to you. While this cool approach can sometimes disappoint the individuals who don't see how you can remain so emotionally detached, it can also be what makes you as versatile and open-minded as you are.

Do you knack for trivia? Or have others recommended that you go on Jeopardy? You can thank your Mercury in Gemini for that. Your inquisitive and curious nature implies you're always on the hunt for new treasure troves of information. You may never quite be an expert or a specialist in any of these things you may be interested in, but that is because you have interest in such a significant number of things that you can't envision making due with only one.

You unquestionably have a special talent when it comes to words. You are a charismatic and fascinating speaker, and your skill in speaking implies you generally know precisely what to say to get across what you want. What's more, you know how to turn up your appeal and utilize your talents to be talk up a tempest.

Natal Mercury in Gemini Personality Traits:

  • Talkative
  • Scattered
  • Intelligent
  • Charismatic
  • Adaptable
  • Inquisitive

Mercury in Gemini Transit and Personality Meanings Infographic

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