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Venus and Zodiac Signs - Natal Venus Sign Meanings and Venus Transits

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus and Zodiac Signs - Natal Venus Sign Meanings and Venus Transits

When it comes to understanding your relationship to love, the planet Venus will be one of the most important aspects to consider. It is connected with two of the most essential ways that we find happiness: love and creativity. Venus rules what gives you pleasure, how you approach love and relationships, your deeply rooted romantic desires, and how you behave when it comes to love. It likewise rules to some degree the sort of person that you fall in love with. Your Venus sign doesn’t however, reflect who you consider you perfect partner — it just gives you an understanding of your inclinations and tendencies around love. In some cases, that can be the very opposite of what is best for you.

Venus rules what gives you pleasure, how you approach love and relationships, your deeply rooted romantic desires, and how you behave when it comes to love.

In short, Venus is connected with feelings, romance, charm, attraction, art and culture, warmth, refinement and beauty. The characteristics of your Venus Sign are activated once you journey out to find romantic love or fall for somebody. The sign where your Venus is placed in your natal chart is called Venus Sign. Your Venus sign intensely impacts how you start and maintain romantic relationships. Somebody with Venus in Libra is probably going to depend a great deal on their allure and their charm, even if they are not quite consciously aware of it. As another example, those with Venus in Aries are not afraid in being the initiators of relationships, and can even be incredibly excited to start them, but have trouble being snappy and argumentative.

How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Romantic Needs

What your needs are in a relationship likewise falls in the domain of your Venus Sign. If you’re not quite sure what it is that you’re looking for in terms of love, search for your Venus sign in your natal chart. In the event that you have Venus in Leo, you may feel that you need someone that you can lead, who will also give you their full attention. Perhaps, if you have your Venus in Taurus, your biggest requirement may be reliability and faithfulness in your significant other. Somebody with Venus in Scorpio would perhaps search for intensity, power and absolute dedication. This is contrasted with somebody with Venus in Cancer who might need tenderness and safety the most; a person that makes them feel cherished and secure. Venus in Sagittarius will in general search for a relationship that helps them grow, one that doesn’t restrict them.

How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Behaviors in Relationships

Your Venus Sign additionally manages how you act in a relationship. Venus in Scorpio is probably going to be possessive and individuals with Venus in Cancer love in a more down to earth manner and may sometimes act more like a parent than a lover, always supporting and sympathetic. Those with Venus in Aquarius may seem emotionally aloof to their lovers while those with Venus in Gemini are extremely vocal and sentimental. A person with Venus in Leo may attempt to rule over their lovers while with Venus in Libra would frequently be the first to suggest a compromise.

How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Romantic Partners

Another way that Venus impacts your love life is through the type of person that you oftentimes choose as a mate. Somebody with Venus in Cancer may tend to search for a steady and loyal lover, who can play the leader in the relationship. Contrast this with Venus in Leo, who would search for somebody that is more passive, who can give them a chance to take the lead. Those with Venus in Scorpio would need somebody who is intense and serious about being as one while somebody with Venus in Sagittarius would search for a lover who gives them opportunity and freedom.

Venus in Zodiac Signs - Transits and Natal Venus Signs

Venus in Aries / Aries Venus Sign

When it comes to flirting, Venus in Aries folk are rather direct and adventurous, never being scared to make the first move. They may even find that they enjoy the chase! They attract others through their sense of independence. When it comes to love, they may be a little selfish, and are sometimes known to throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. In order to keep the relationship fresh, they need to be constantly stimulated.

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Venus in Taurus / Taurus Venus Sign

Because Venus rules this sign, this planet feels at home here. The Taurus Venus sign loves its creature comforts, and they are deeply tied to the realm of the sensual. They prefer relationships that are dependable and lovers that are reliable. They can be rather possessive and stubborn, but they make up for this by being absolutely dedicated partners.

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Venus in Gemini / Gemini Venus Sign

Gemini Venus signs are skilled conversationalists, and may frequently attract others through conversation and witty dialogue. They are known to be playful lovers, and always need a little bit of variety when it comes to their love life. They may prefer to keep their relationships quite light-hearted, preferring not to be weighed down by heavy emotions.

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Venus in Cancer / Cancer Venus Sign

The Cancer Venus sign prefers relationships that are reliable and committed. Being the sensitive creatures that they are, they are hurt easily. When they feel safe and adored, they are very giving and caring in relationships. But because of their sensitivity, they can be moody and snappy, retreating away into themselves.

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Venus in Leo / Leo Venus Sign

The Leo Venus sign are proud lovers, ones that are unafraid to make extravagant declarations of love. They definitely won’t be shy about their feelings for you, and tend to be very generous lovers. In return though, they expect complete and total adoration.

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Venus in Virgo / Virgo Venus Sign

The Virgo Venus sign is rather reserved when it comes to love, but when they finally do let their guard down, they can be one of the most devoted Venus signs. They are very picky when it comes to who it is they end up choosing to partner with, though sometimes they can be very critical even with those that they choose to love.

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Venus in Libra / Libra Venus Sign

Because the zodiac sign Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra Venus sign is one that has a natural charm and grace. In love, the most important thing for them is making sure that the relationship is balanced and fair. They recognize that fairness between lovers means that all parties will be happy and has the highest chance for success.

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Venus in Scorpio / Scorpio Venus Sign

The Scorpio Venus sign is all about intensity in love - even if it remains unspoken or secretive. They aren’t the type to be interested in casual relationships, instead searching for a deep connection with others. As lovers, they search for incredibly deep bonds and intimacy.

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Venus in Sagittarius / Sagittarius Venus Sign

The Sagittarius Venus sign is one that values independence and exploration in their relationships. They prefer to be in relationships that give them the space to learn and grow as a person. This doesn’t mean that they make for difficult lovers, but rather that they would prefer a companion that goes on their many adventures with them.

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Venus in Capricorn / Capricorn Venus Sign

The Capricorn Venus sign searches for a love that is committed, one where they can create and build a life together. They understand instinctively that love is hard work, and it’s not always fun. Because of this, they find it hard to make the jump into commitment, but when they do, they are committing for life.

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Venus in Aquarius / Aquarius Venus Sign

The Aquarius Venus sign is one that finds it difficult to separate friendship and romance, and they have the firm belief that companionship makes for the best foundation for a strong relationship. They have a strong sense of individuality, and prefer to remain rather independent even when committed.

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Venus in Pisces / Pisces Venus Sign

The Pisces Venus sign lives for love, and dives deep into it quickly and effortlessly. Because they are one of the most compassionate signs of the zodiac, they have the tendency to give themselves so much to their relationships, that it can be rather self-sacrificial. They can sometimes look at love with rose-colored glasses.

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Natal Venus Sign Meanings and Venus Transit Meanings Infographic

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