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Venus in Scorpio - Scorpio Venus Sign and Venus in Scorpio Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Scorpio - Scorpio Venus Sign and Venus in Scorpio Transit Meanings

Venus in Scorpio Transit - What Does it Mean?

The planet Venus is about love and relationships, and is known for being agreeable, friendly, and warm. On the other hand, Scorpio is about deep passion and intensity, and never likes to do anything half heartedly. This implies we'll be longing for extraordinary encounters during the Venus in Scorpio transit. Profundity and intimacy with others become critical to us, meaning that we’ll want to exchange short flights for long and intense romances. Love can sometimes become even a bit obsessive when Venus is in this zodiac sign; we may want to put it all on the table with regards to issues of the heart.

Venus in Scorpio is a period when we'll need to shine a light on the shadows in our relationships. Those little intrusive thoughts that we've been pushing aside to keep the peace? They are difficult to sweep under the rug again when Venus and Scorpio get together. It's an opportunity to go underneath the surface, discover what really lies beneath, and hold it up to the light of day. We'll endeavor to make sense of the actions we can take to make our relationships work - otherwise, this may be a time to walk away. The Venus in Scorpio transit gives our relationships a noteworthy rude awakening, regardless of whether we need one or not!

Venus in Scorpio can likewise bring to light the kinds of power struggles that exist in our relationships. And issues that were once not a problem can turn out to be more evident than they were previously. For example, how money is spent can turn into an issue of contention in relationships where finances are shared.

Indeed, Venus in Scorpio can be a truly intense period, but it can likewise be genuinely helpful. The majority of this transit’s energy prompts us to create a stronger bond with our lover. If you're up for the emotional and physical test, this transit could become a transformative time that brings you and your partner significantly closer together.

Venus in Scorpio Transit Effects:

  • Wanting more intimacy and intensity in relationships
  • Uncovering hidden relationship issues
  • Love is more passionate, and sometimes obsessive
  • Power struggles become more obvious
  • Choices are made to go or stay

Natal Venus in Scorpio / Scorpio Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

As somebody with their Venus in Scorpio, you consider love incredibly important in your life. While others may have a little fling here or there, that doesn’t interest you. Instead, you’re in it for the whole deal. You are one of the most devoted Venus signs in the zodiac, and you appreciate the profound, passionate association that accompanies being in a committed relationship. This doesn't mean it's simple or easy for you to open yourself up to your partner. You are to a great degree distrustful and suspicious of others at first, and for you, it’s actions that talk louder than words when it comes to building trust. If somebody chooses to play with your feelings, there’s a good chance that they will feel your sting.

Your intuitive mind gives you the gift for seeing beyond what people choose to tell or show you and comprehend who people truly are. You are the detective of the zodiac, trying to reveal each and every detail and uncover every mystery about somebody. This is partially because you need to check whether the people that surround you are who they say they are. But you likewise find yourself wanting to know exactly what it is that makes them tick so you know how to take care of them once you become closer. Your Venus in Scorpio may drive you to find every little fact about another person, even when one of your most basic requirements for privacy makes it hard for you to share parts of yourself.

The intense energy of Scorpio combined with the sentimental aspect of Venus gives you a sense of mystery that other individuals often can't resist. You may find yourself surrounded by many admirers! Nonetheless, you have high expectations for potential lovers, and won't allow anyone to come close to you until they've demonstrated their dependability and reliability. This means that others may see you as aloof or distant at first, but you're only trying to make sure that the vulnerability and sensitivity that Scorpio is famous for remains safe and secure. When somebody has demonstrated to you that it's okay to let your guard down, you are one of the most devoted lovers there are.

Natal Venus in Scorpio / Scorpio Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Sensitive
  • Loyal
  • Mysterious
  • Intuitive
  • Intense
  • Emotional
  • Powerful

Venus in Scorpio Transit / Scorpio Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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