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Venus in Virgo - Virgo Venus Sign and Venus in Virgo Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Virgo - Virgo Venus Sign and Venus in Virgo Transit Meanings

Venus in Virgo Transit - What Does it Mean?

When romantic Venus is in Virgo, we may feel encouraged to become a little more private and particular with regards to romance and love. You may start to feel that if you can't have the kind of love that you want, you'd rather not have any love whatsoever. For those that are coupled, Venus in Virgo is an chance to step back and decide whether we're getting what we want out of our connections. If you’re single, this is a period when we'll see the warnings signs that we may usually miss when it comes to new lovers. Truth be told, this transit may have us more enamored with work than with love itself.

The drawback analyzing our relationships with an almost obsessive detail is that we may wind up nitpicking our lovers more than expected. During the Venus in Virgo transit, we may think that its hard to let go of seemingly insignificant details. You’ll have to monitor your criticism and feedback by making sure that what you do express is valuable and constructive as opposed to simply bringing up every little fault you see. This is an extraordinary time to make essential changes in our relationships with the goal that we push ahead with more positivity. Truth be told, your relationship may wind up being even better than you could have imagined because of the changes that take place with Venus in Virgo.

We know that the majority of this romantic analysis doesn't sound appealing, but in spite of how it might appear, Venus in Virgo can be very passionate. That is on the grounds that Virgo is an Earth sign, meaning that it deeply appreciates all things sensual - food, arts, nature. We value the best of those things with Venus is in Virgo - and that includes the physical aspect of relationships. But we’ll all be somewhat more cautious with Venus in Virgo, so don't expect any flings with this transit.

Venus in Virgo Transit Effects:

  • Being more exacting of our relationships
  • Being more critical of our lovers
  • Being more picky when it comes to partners
  • Wanting to improve our existing relationships
  • Being more sensual

Natal Venus in Virgo / Virgo Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

If you were born with your Venus in Virgo, you can be quite shy and careful when it comes to love, and it is difficult for you to open your heart and let other people in. When you do, you’ll go and try and make yourself as essential as possible so that others will need you. Terrific expressions of feeling aren't generally your thing, and you'd much rather demonstrate your love by performing little acts of affection that are full of meaning for your lover: taking out the trash, rubbing their feet, doing the shopping for food, or endeavoring to resolve all the little wrinkles in their life.

With regards to love, Venus in Virgo is the pickiest of them all. You'd rather stay single instead of making due with somebody that doesn't check off every item on your list of characteristics that make the ideal partner - and as a general rule, this list is miles long. When you at long last do allow yourself to fall in love, you'll invest huge amounts of time and energy attempting to fix whatever you believe isn't exactly perfect about your lover. While your mate may see this as you only grumbling, you absolutely never criticize just because you want to. All of that is just an attempt to help make your relationship as happy andperfect as it can be.

The intellectual perspective through which you look at the world around you is the same one that you see everything through, even yourself. You find it easy to discover imperfections with yourself more than anyone or anything else. Your mission in life is to become the absolute best form of yourself; to fulfill your greatest potential. Since the image you project to the world is vitally important to you, you are preoccupied about issues of health, wellness and cleanliness. Others may find you to be a little OCD, but you expect the best in life - especially with regards to yourself.

Natal Venus in Virgo / Virgo Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Modest
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • Private
  • Analytical
  • Practical

Venus in Virgo Transit / Virgo Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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