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Venus in Capricorn - Capricorn Venus Sign and Venus in Capricorn Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Capricorn - Capricorn Venus Sign and Venus in Capricorn Transit Meanings

Venus in Capricorn Transit - What Does it Mean?

We consider our relationships extremely important during the Venus in Capricorn transit. This period urges us to put in the hard work in order to find the affection and romance that we genuinely want and deserve. For individuals who are coupled, this is your opportunity to work through issues or have profound discussions about what you see in the future of this relationship. If you’re single, this is your chance to say goodbye to flighty flings and trade that in for enduring love. With Venus in Capricorn, we’ll find that we’ll want our romances to last.

Just like with this transit’s effect on love and romance, Venus in Capricorn has a similar impact on everything that is related to beauty and appearance. We may feel urged to trade in ostentatious garments and experimental haircuts for a more polished style. It's likewise an incredible time to start working on any long term goals that we've been thinking about. During this transit, we have an improved capacity for building and making things, and the Capricorn zodiac sign also gives Venus the commitment and endurance that is needed to begin activities and see them through to the end.

The Venus in Capricorn transit has an almost business-like feel to it, and it could raise questions about the value we put onto our chosen callings. We may ask ourselves whether we're getting the reward, compensation or acknowledgement we deserve from our boss, or whether we are moving up the ladder in the manner that we had expected. There is strong potential for reconnecting with our own internal expertise and taking the responsibility to do whatever it takes to push our career forward.

Venus in Capricorn Transit Effects:

  • Disinterested in flings and casual relationships
  • Desire to build a long term commitment
  • Treating a relationship like an investment
  • Drawn towards more demure and understated fashions
  • Desire to improve existing relationships

Natal Venus in Capricorn / Capricorn Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

Any individual who has ever been in a committed, long term relationship understands the responsibility that accompanies being in love and staying together. Of course, the feeling of love is incredible, but once you move out of your puppy love infatuation stages, love is hard work if you want it to be anything memorable and worth having. Since your Venus is in Capricorn, you know this instinctively, may too much so, now and again. Love is not about fun and games to you, and you realize that any love that is worth having requires a little elbow grease and a lot of time.

As somebody with a Capricorn Venus sign, you don't give your heart away very easily. Truth be told, you may have even broken a few hearts before for being too callous or reluctant to give your love to someone else. It isn't so much that you don’t care about love or romance, it's just that you just can’t see yourself committing to a relationship where you have to settle. Indeed, it might take you a while to open yourself up to somebody, yet once you let down your guard, you will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the relationship that you’ve committed to will stand the trial of time!

While this discussion about responsibility and work doesn't sound exceptionally romantic, it’s only because you tend to show how much you love others in a very different manner that other people do. You like to demonstrate your affection and feelings through what you do instead of what you say. Thus, while you may not be one to declare your love from the mountaintops so that all can hear, you will instead constantly affirm your feelings for your lovers and partners through unflinching commitment and reliably putting energy and effort into making your relationship work. What's more, because you will be there for your partners through all the challenges that life throws at you, you expect the equivalent from your partners as well.

Natal Venus in Capricorn / Capricorn Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Reserved
  • Shy
  • Practical
  • Faithful
  • Patient
  • Responsible
  • Devoted

Venus in Capricorn Transit / Capricorn Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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