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Venus in Gemini - Gemini Venus Sign and Venus in Gemini Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Gemini - Gemini Venus Sign and Venus in Gemini Transit Meanings

Venus in Gemini Transit - What Does it Mean?

When loving and nurturing Venus enters the fun but fickle Gemini, it’ll feel as though all the world is lit up. We tend to be more receptive and open, while also having greater clarity on the things that actually make us happy. With the Venus in Gemini transit, it’s all about finding variety, and encountering not one, but many numerous ways to find happiness and delight in the world. This is what Venus in Gemini is all about: feeling bubbly, vivacious and filled with enthusiasm.

When it comes to love, emotions can take a more cheerful, intellectual quality when with the Venus in Gemini transit. Rather than connecting by intense passion or attraction, we're instead drawn towards partners and others that excite our intellects. Love and romance comes by the way of long discussions and exciting messages that keep us animated and intrigued by making us ever more curious about the other. For those that are dating, this is a stunning time to become better acquainted with a new person, and to share stories of your own life. And if you’re already seeing someone, Venus in Gemini can help long-term lovers learn something fresh and new about one another, and reignite the passion between you two.

What Gemini needs the most to remain interested is variety, so connections that are lacking in vitality or have fallen into a slow routine may not last through this transit. This isn't the time to declare one’s eternal love - it's instead about exploring all the different opportunities accessible to us. Go out there and enjoy yourself, have a good time, flirt and be a little bit more playful.. When we set aside our self-made restrictions about what we like and don't like, we open ourselves to new encounters and new chances for happiness.

The lesson of Venus in Gemini is tasting all of life’s flavors, exploring new concepts and ideas, and understanding that one’s life and love are as energizing as you make them.

Venus in Gemini Transit Effects:

  • Being more open to new experiences
  • Bonding over intellectual discussion
  • Wanting to try and learn new things
  • Feeling cheerful and excited
  • Wanting to explore all opportunities

Natal Venus in Gemini / Gemini Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

Individuals who have Venus in Gemini in their natal charts are extroverts. They flutter about from one exciting thing onto the next, meaning that you tend to be rather open to new encounters. This means that you tend to be blessed with more chances than other individuals. You value living life lightly, and you're willing to accept the changing world as it comes to you.

With regards to romance, your heart is only secondary to your mind. You appreciate getting acquainted with another person and learning all about who they are. You’re not one to fall fast into an passionate relationship without the slightest hesitation. Before you take the responsibility of commitment (if you ever do, Venus in Gemini), you'll need to be able to weigh your alternatives intensely to ensure the relationship will last.

You're attracted to those who are idealistic, fun, and who love life. The more surprises you find in a person or a relationship, the more interested you are. Routine and boredom is what you imagine hell to be like, and if a relationship achieves that terrible point, you'll cut your misfortunes and look for something that will add greater energy into your life.

Those with Venus in Gemini regularly feel opposite sides to themselves - a light side that the world sees, and a dark and moody side that nobody sees. Be that as it may, it's not about with letting those two sides of yourself battle, feeling like you must be one or the other. Rather, you must learn to acknowledge that you've been gifted with a multi-faceted identity. You are not one or the other, you are both, you are many. The light and the dark consolidate inside you to make one unique person.

Natal Venus in Gemini / Gemini Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Playful
  • Social
  • Exploratory
  • Cheerful
  • Communicative
  • Optimistic

Venus in Gemini Transit / Gemini Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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