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Venus in Leo - Leo Venus Sign and Venus in Leo Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Leo - Leo Venus Sign and Venus in Leo Transit Meanings

Venus in Leo Transit - What Does it Mean?

When the beautiful Venus enters the expressive Leo, we're prepared to confess our love to all the world. Leo is a Fire sign that is about fun, creativity, flaunting, and being frank and genuine, so this vitality illuminates love like a blazing fire. Expect exciting dates, over the top declarations of love, and perhaps a couple of fits of jealousy. All your emotions will feel grand, and one way or another, they’ll be communicated.

Feeling just appreciated or acknowledged when Venus is in Leo is not enough; we want to be loved, to be adored. This is an opportunity to go out on a limb and make magnificent gestures, so if you’re one of the individuals that take no chances, you could be left on the sidelines with the Venus in Leo transit.

Love isn't quiet or calm while Venus is in Leo. While the Lion needs to play and appreciate life, Leo is also a sign that is all about showmanship. If we start to feel as though we're not getting the consideration or attention we should be getting, we may lash out at lovers who we feel are not putting out enough of an effort. This transit may even tempt us to start an argument just to spice things up and feel like the center of attention once more. Keep in mind, there is no "I" in "we," and the more we focus on just ourselves and our needs, the greater chance we have to end up all alone.

Venus is Leo is a particularly energetic time that can reignite your connections with others, and remind you that an existence without a smidgen of fun and playfulness is no life that is worth living.

Venus in Leo Transit Effects:

  • Being more extravagant
  • Being bold and loud with love
  • Wanting to be the center of attention
  • Needing to be loved and adored
  • More prone to dramatic outbursts

Natal Venus in Leo / Leo Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

If Venus was in the fearless and proud zodiac sign of Leo during the moment of your birth, you have a big heart. You have a natural capacity to give love and also a flair for life that draws others to you like a magnet, energizing individuals into your circle of friends and family.

Individuals with Venus in Leo tend to be rather creative. You are a child on the most fundamental level and don't do well with schedules. The mundane 9 to 5 life sounds soul-sucking to you - you'd rather have your days loaded up with new experiences, teamwork, and fun.

You’re not one to keep your emotions deep down inside, and you're not shy about showing your emotions to the world. All that you do is dramatic and showy, including the manner in which you convey what is inside your heart! Utilizing the Lion's incredible presence, you find it rather simple to verbalize your feelings to everyone around you. Though sometimes it’s not just words that you can use; with a storage room loaded with brilliant garments and sparkling jewelry, can likewise express your energetic nature without the need for language.

Natal Venus in Leo / Leo Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Fun
  • Extravagant
  • Dramatic
  • Glamorous
  • Brave
  • Generous
  • Childish

Venus in Leo Transit / Leo Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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