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Venus in Taurus - Taurus Venus Sign and Venus in Taurus Transit Meanings

December 28, 2020 0 Comments

Venus in Taurus - Taurus Venus Sign and Venus in Taurus Transit Meanings

Venus in Taurus Transit - What Does it Mean?

When the planet of Venus enters the zodiac sign of Taurus, we will all be pushed to remember exactly how wonderful this world can be. Venus in this patient zodiac sign begins a period of disentangling complexities, getting down to essentials, and re-creating deeper, more meaningful connections. This is a perfect time to bring romance and affection to the forefront, so that matters of love can be managed with directness and ease.

Dating is deeply enjoyable with the Venus in Taurus transit. It urges us to pause, take things one at a time, live in the present, and just appreciate the moments we have with those that we love and cherish. Sometimes this means that you and your partner will snuggle up and watch a film, open a bottle of wine, or savor something delicious. With Venus in Taurus, this is the time when you'll both be in the mindset to enjoy all of your senses.

The zodiac sign Taurus is one that is focused on feelings of security; which means that in love, as well as all other things, what they value is steadiness and reliability over fiery passion. That implies that when this planet and zodiac sign are united, we're more attracted to making commitments than dating around. Should you be looking to start a relationship, or you've had your eye on somebody for quite some time, this could be the moment when both of you can decide to take the relationship to the next step.

However, there's a chance that our relationships can be impeded by the notorious determination Taurus is known for during the Venus is Taurus transit. This is one disadvantage of this transit that everybody ought to be aware of. If you’re already in a relationship - or on the way towards making that commitment - this may be a period when it's harder for you two to advance as a couple. Making compromises can be really hard when you're trying to deal with Taurus’ stubborn nature.

If you’re single, you may instead feel the need to protect yourself, and you may feel especially vulnerable when opening yourself up and letting in another person. Keep this in mind for the Venus in Taurus transit: just a little bit of adaptability can go very far!

Venus in Taurus Transit Effects:

  • Enjoying the sensual aspects of dating and romance
  • A stronger desire for commitment
  • A stronger desire for stability
  • Harder to compromise in relationships
  • Feeling more scared of vulnerability

Natal Venus in Taurus / Taurus Venus Sign - Your Romance Style

Individuals that were born with Venus in Taurus tend to be preoccupied with material things, since they are closely connected with the attributes of security, dependability and sensual comforts. This means that you appreciate enjoying luxuries like eating at upscale restaurants, cuddling up in quality sheets, or having a love of designer fashion. You appreciate a reliable partner who will go along with you in your quest for pleasure.

With regards to romance and love, you enjoy conveying all of your feelings. You are drawn towards connections where there is a great deal of physical love and tenderness. You aren't one for excessive gestures, but you still appreciate both giving and receiving presents from your lover sometimes - even when it’s not any special occasion. Outwardly, you can seem to be aloof, but when it comes to love, its your actions that speak for themselves.

Individuals with Venus in Taurus in their natal chart jump at the chance to settle down for the long haul. This can mean that you seem somewhat shy at first, but it's just that you prefer to take things slowly. You need time to process your feelings and get a handle on the environment, so that you can find a partner that enjoys commitment and a long term relationship. When you warm up to someone, you are a unimaginably devoted and loving partner.

With Venus in Taurus, routine is an important part of your life. Taurus is determined and steady, so you aren't one to easily adapt to changes. This can be both a strength and a shortcoming. While you can now and again get stuck in stagnant situations, your endurance and determination is what makes you so devoted in every part your life.

Natal Venus in Taurus / Taurus Venus Sign Personality Traits:

  • Reliable
  • Devoted
  • Generous
  • Loving
  • Sensual
  • Romantic
  • Patient

Venus in Taurus Transit / Taurus Venus Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

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