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The First House - The House of Self - 1st House in Astrology, Meaning, Ruling Planets, Ruling Zodiac Signs

August 10, 2018 0 Comments

The First House - The House of Self - 1st House in Astrology, Meaning, Ruling Planets, Ruling Zodiac Signs

In astrology, the first house is known as the sign of the self. It connotes who somebody is; their identity. This implies that the body, the psyche and the behaviors are to a great extent impacted by this house and any planet or astrological point that is situated inside it. Everything that is related to appearance falls under the rulership of this house. The parts of the chart near the ascendant are in charge of the physical self, while parts of it close to the second house speak more about the behaviors, as well as the style, appearance and everything visible about that person.

The 1st House Astrology Summary

  • Planet: Mars
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Self
  • Identity
  • Consciousness
  • Ego
  • Our Focus
  • Appearance

The First House Rules Identity

The question of identity is answered by everything that the first house incorporates into it, both at the moment of birth, and during the person's life when the planets continue transiting in their orbits. It explains a wide range perspectives that the person has about the world. The first house explains how the individual depicts themselves towards their general surroundings; their essence and presence. This includes the full expression of who someone is, and how he or she is seen from their environment.

The First House Rules the Conscious Self

In terms of parts of the body, the first house rules one's head and face, and also the parts of the mind that are in charge of conscious thought and activities. We will later observe that the more intuitive parts of the mind are instead governed by the twelfth house, particularly by the area that is close to the Ascendant sign.

The Ascendant is the sharp focus of our reality. This is the reason that all planets that are connected to it affect the body and are also associated with practically everything about the person. The local is channeling these planet's energies through them.

Transits in the First House

Any planetary transits that occur through the first house will affect the person on an exceptionally individual level. In the event that there are natal planets moving through the house, any travel that conjuncts them influences the person in a significantly stronger way. Along these lines, any astrological events that happen inside the first house can change one's concept of identity and alter one's ego.

Planetary Influences in the First House

It is a fairly positive thing to have planets existing in the first house, particularly when they are very much aspected. All planets can be a positive influence, even the more intimidating planets such as Saturn, Mars or Uranus when they are placed inside the first house. The way they work relies upon the associations they have with other planets on the birth chart. The best ones to have however, will always be the Sun, Jupiter or Venus, as they give great energy and encourage the person to live contentedly. Pluto can give an exceptionally serious identity, while Mercury a splendid personality. Neptune and the Moon every now and again makes for a very caring individual. In any case, all planets have both positive and negative qualities when situated in the first house of the self.

The 1st House of Self - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet


 The 1st House of Self - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet


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