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Mars Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

July 09, 2018 0 Comments

Mars Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

The planet Mars, a fiery red planet, is our neighbor that is farther away from the sun. His name comes from the Roman god of war, also known in Greek as Ares. As an astrological object, he is responsible for administering vitality, action and drive, becoming a crucial power for humanity’s advances and progress. His position on our natal charts can give additional passion to our lives; yet he can likewise turn out to be rather dangerous because of his fiery demeanor.

Planet Mars in Astrology - Symbol and Statistics

  • Transit Time: Every 6-8 Weeks
  • Rules Over Zodiac Sign: Aries, sometimes Scorpio
  • Strengths: Action, Initiative
  • Weaknesses: Brute Force, Aggression
  • Verb: "Act"

Planet Mars in Astrology - What It Rules

  • Aggression
  • Sex
  • Action
  • Ambition
  • Desire
  • Competition
  • Courage
  • Passion

Mars as a Ruling Planet in Astrology

Mars rules the zodiac sign of Aries, and in some astrological schools, Scorpio as well. Furthermore, Mars is in charge of the first house and makes a full trip around the 12 zodiac signs in roughly 2 years. That means that he spends roughly 2 months in each zodiac sign, and becomes retrograde for roughly 3 months.

Your Mars sign rules over your sense of ambition and action

The planet Mars is the ruler of competition and rivalry, ambition, and stamina. He is fairly restless and will battle relentlessly to obtain all that he wants. Moreover, he is a planet that can bring desire and longing, creating a sense of enthusiasm which can be utilized as a source of motivation to conquer all our goals. He is one that looks for immediate outcomes, and this fuel thewarrior within us. Loss is a word he doesn't have in his vocabulary, and he will do anything not to fail. This, obviously, can even prompt brutality and savagery in extraordinary circumstances.

Your Mars sign rules over your divine masculine

The planet Mars has a masculine energy to it, meaning that it also rules over the more masculine aspects of our sex drive. Regardless of your gender, we all have aspects to our selves that are masculine and feminine in nature. That means that women, obviously, have their more masculinecharacteristics as well. The planet Mars is associated with sexuality, however not really with the sexual inclinations of a person. Instead, Mars rules over the nature of sexuality, the fundamental animalistic need to , the crude licentious fascination are altogether incorporated into the power that Mars impacts on us as an animal types.

Your Mars sign rules over your anger and aggression

Mars also rules over the part of one’s psyche that is associated with the feelings of anger and its prompt self-defensive response. The planet Mars is connected to the the instinctual, most fundamental self-perserving drives in one’s personality.

Mars Sign in Astrology Meanings and Characteristics Infographic

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