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Jupiter Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

July 09, 2018 0 Comments

Jupiter Sign in Astrology - Planet Meaning, Zodiac, Symbolism, Characteristics

The planet Jupiter is the fourth brightest heavenly object in our universe after the Sun, the Moon and Venus. This giant planet is well known for being the most generous planet in astrology, bringing power and luck for any house or zodiac sign he is placed in. He is named after the Roman God, also known as Zeus in Greek mythology. In astrology, this planet rules over expansion and growth, bringing fortunes and luck to all that it touches.

Planet Jupiter in Astrology - Symbol and Statistics

  • Transit Time: Every 12-13 Months
  • Rules Over Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, sometimes Pisces
  • Strengths: Kindness, Morality
  • Weaknesses: Superficiality, Excess
  • Verb: "Grow"

Planet Jupiter in Astrology - What It Rules

  • Luck
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Optimism
  • Abundance
  • Higher Education
  • Spirituality
  • Philosophy
  • Relaxation

Jupiter as a Ruling Planet in Astrology

Jupiter governs the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, but he is also the more traditional ruler of Pisces. Since Neptune was discovered, Jupiter has remained the co-leader of the sign. Jupiter is also in charge of the ninth house and makes a full circle around the zodiac band in roughly 12 years. He spends about one year in each zodiac sign and becomes retrograde for roughly 4 months at a time.

What Planet Jupiter Rules Over in Astrology

The planet Jupiter’s placement on a natal chart can have a strong impacts on one’s development and achievements. But these talents are a double-edged sword. Too much of planet Jupiter’s influence means that it can likewise make one lazy and take their talents for granted.

Your Jupiter sign rules over learning and abstract thought

Jupiter is the ruler of the divine and abstract or philosophical thought. This planet rules higher learning, and presents to us a yearning for investigating thoughts, both mentally and in a spiritual sense. Mentally, Jupiter helps us in planning our belief systems and ideologies. In the more mystical domain, Jupiter reigns over religions and philosophies. Jupiter asks us to survey our morality; it additionally addresses our feelings of positivity.

Your Jupiter sign rules over luck and fortune

The planet Jupiter also brings luck, while training us to be kind and generous towards other individuals. This is a kind and altruistic planet, one that needs us to develop and thrive emotionally. Jupiter might be judge and jury, but it's for the most part a good partner, making sure that we're on the correct path. While our prosperity, achievements and growth are all inside Jupiter's domain, this can now and again make us fall into sluggishness and laziness.

Your Jupiter sign rules over recreation and relaxation

Relaxation is additionally one of planet Jupiter's domains. Games, amusements and all the things that we do for pleasure are governed by this planet. His domain is everything that is fun and pleasurable; looking to this planet can dictate what hobbies can lead you towards riches. For the most part, by seeing the house he is in, we can see which areas of life he assists in with his far reaching practices.

JupiterSign in Astrology Meanings and Characteristics Infographic


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