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The Planets in Astrology - Planet Meanings and Planet Symbols in the Zodiac

July 16, 2018 0 Comments

The Planets in Astrology - Planet Meanings and Planet Symbols in the Zodiac

One of the fundamental aspects of astrology is observing the movements of planets. And although we are sometimes tempted to say that the planets (or the zodiac signs) make things happen, this isn’t really the case. What we are actually trying to understand is the connection and harmony that happens between the heavens and our world. Astrologers realize that the planets don't force us to do anything, any more than your clock drives you to quit working at 6 o’clock. Be that as it may, you do quit working when the clock strikes 6. The clock never forced you to leave work, neither did it ever seal your destiny. You choose when to leave work. That is the magnificence of synchronicity.

The Planets in Astrology

The Sun and the Moon are included in the astrological concept of the planets in astrology. The ten planets within astrology are: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. From our geocentric world view, Earth is excluded in the rundown, but Earth's movement in space is signified by the Ascendant. Before the eighteenth century however, just the initial seven planets were used - as they were discernible to the naked eye.

Understanding the Planets as Astrology Symbols

Every planet in astrology symbolizes an different segment of life, each having their own special kind of energy. These are aspects of the self that are universal in every human being; consider concepts such as love, aggression, self image, restrictions, our emotions and more. In psychological aspects, we can call them drives or needs. When we look at the natal chart, your very own mix of zodiac signs, planet areas and houses wind up painting a picture of your personality.

Astrology Planets Meanings List

We’ll go through the detail of each of these planets down here below, as well as how they affect our day to day lives, and one’s natal chart. To learn more about the planet and it’s role in astrology, you can click on a particular planet.

The Sun in Astrology & Sun Sign Meaning

Planet Sun Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free

The sun in astrology speaks to your self image, your core, a part of you that is constant – it represents the quiet, unfaltering, profound and enduring power that comes from within. Your sun sign empowers you to apply determination, make choices and direct the various aspects of your life. The sun in astrology speaks to your will, and its zodiac sign decides how the will is articulated, which can be helped or hindered through the movement of the other planets in your natal chart. While we hear a lot about sun signs in astrology, the sun sign is only the beginning of your personality. Your sun sign outlines your basic character, your center.

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The Moon in Astrology & Moon Sign Meaning

Planet Moon Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In astrology, the Moon is as imperative as the Sun in your natal chart. Your Sun sign is the aspect of you that is evident to others; it is the thing that others see. Your Moon sign is the aspect of you that you see. The Moon in astrology speaks to your emotions and your instinctual responses – they may be immediate reactions that are created from past circumstances and can even include the unconscious habits you’ve created over your life.

It also contains all the little changes in moods, things which are irritating, temporary, and evolving. It depicts the way you carry on in cases in which you haven't had sufficient energy to think things through, your prompt passionate reactions. The zodiac sign that the Moon is placed in demonstrates what influences you to feel sincerely supported, secure, and fulfilled. The Moon sign in astrology also speaks to your most prominent need. It likewise demonstrates how you support others. It is your internal center, which feels hate, envy, fear, and has dreams that you frequently deny even to yourself. It is also the piece of you that appreciates the little joys of life.

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Mercury in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Mercury Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


The planet Mercury in astrology is the planet of thought and communication. It represents our sense of rationality and our mental resources, of observation and thought, memory, speech, and the written word. The planet Mercury represents your ability to gather, sort, and convey the data you accumulate throughout your daily life. It symbolizes the way you see, hear and process information. In astrology, Mercury is emblematic of the curiosity that drives your inclination to know, and the capacity to examine and reason. Mercury additionally rules over transportation and short journeys, and our sensory systems. Mercury imparts people with the talent for discourse, articulation, persuasiveness, and a sharp, brisk personality. But it can also give an inclination to be critical and cunning.

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Venus in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Venus Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, joy, and attraction. It speaks to your ability to express love and to appreciate beauty. This also happens to include your ability to attract and welcome the world, regardless of whether they are emotional, material, mental, or spiritual. It characterizes the people that you attract to yourself, in view of your social qualities. The planet Venus rules your relationships, your expressions of the human experience, the things you wear and decorate yourself with, your warmth, your social graces, your sense of agreeability. The zodiac sign of the planet Venus in your natal chart gives you critical data about how you are in personal relationships, particularly when it comes to love and marriage. It likewise demonstrates your disposition toward material things, individual belonging, common luxuries, and your social qualities.

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Mars in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Mars Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


If the planet Venus speaks to the feminine side of our nature, the planet Mars reflects our masculine nature. Mars in astrology represents aggression, animosity, and even war. Mars is the planet of physical vitality. It is the planet that rules over your sex drive, your forcefulness and how you deal with conflict. It is related with your animalistic desires and yearnings - all things that push and encourage you to take action. The planet Mars in astrology is the driving force behind all activity. The zodiac sign of the planet Mars in your natal chart indicates the kind of energy you possess, and your style when it comes to getting things done. Mars can give someone a strong degree of self-confidence and aspiration, but it can also make that same person inclined to rage, brutality and violence.

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Jupiter in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Jupiter Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, confidence, success and kindness. When you think of the planet Jupiter, think of abundance and wealth, as Jupiter is the biggest planet in our close planetary system. Jupiter represents higher learning, expansiveness of vision, optimism, generosity, and honesty. Unlike Mercury, Jupiter operates on a philosophical level; the big picture. The planet Jupiter represents the fundamentally human search for truth and even meaning in one’s life. It represents justice, logic, spirituality, power, and knowledge. It also includes our inclination to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Your Jupiter sign demonstrates what you admire, what your moral, religious, and philosophical principles are. In your natal chart, the planet Jupiter indicates where you are most likely going to find monetary and material advantages, and thusly, where you express generosity to others. The house in which Jupiter is located also tells us where we have a tendency to be idealistic.

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Saturn in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Saturn Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In the past, many viewed the planet Saturn as evil and dangerous, being a portent for disaster and hopelessness wherever it was found in a natal chart. Nowadays, astrologers recognize that the hardships created by the planet Saturn's restrictions force one to keep making progress toward a greater goal, whose realization may be postponed, but will be long lasting and genuinely worth the effort. The planet Saturn is connected to constraints, confinements, limits, realism, responsibilities and organization. Saturn represents the laws, limits and boundaries that are set by society or karma.It teaches responsibility and duty, and both physical and mental perseverance during times of hardship. The planet’s placement in your natal chart determines the everyday issues you may struggle with, where you have to put in effort to grow. Here your diligent work will be truly earned, meaning that your achievements will be dependable and lasting. But from a more pessimistic standpoint, the energy of planet Saturn reveals itself as narrow-mindedness.

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Uranus in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Uranus Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In astrology, the planet Uranus speaks to our unconscious desire to to understand your own unique identity. Like a bolt of lightning, the planet Uranus symbolizes the sudden flashes of understanding, and bursts of creativity. The energy of planet Uranus is typically viewed as suddenness, unrest, transformation, and shocking revolution. In astrology, Uranus breaks into patterns and habits with innovations and ideas that are imaginative ways of solving stubborn and pervasive issues. Uranus is the driving force behind sudden changes when the convenience of the old is gone and something more modern and better is ready to take over. Uranus includes innovation and a wide range of electronic gadgets. In it’s more positive aspects, planet Uranus empowers inventiveness, adaptability and autonomy. Under more negative aspects, it supports erraticism, perversion and disobedience.

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Neptune in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Neptune Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


The planet Neptune corresponds with our innate desire to break down the limits of one’s ego in astrology. In contrast, the planet Uranus breaks into our perception of reality, giving us passing flashes of awareness into new possibilities. Neptune breaks down life's habits and patterns with a specific end goal of instructing you to find new ways of pursuing meaning. Neptune speaks to things that aren't exactly what they appear to be; the fantastic and the unreal. It is the planet of imagination, confusion, dreams, fantasy, and illusion. In one’s natal chart, Neptune can be an indicator of disarray in the house and zodiac sign where it dwells. A negatively placed planet Neptune in the natal chart can demonstrate an inclination to escape reality. But positively, Neptune's energies can inspire a wonderful talent for art, music, theater and more. Most importantly, Neptune symbolizes the immaterial.

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Pluto in Astrology & Mercury Sign Meaning

Planet Pluto Meaning in Astrology - Keywords to Learn Astrology Online for Free


In astrology, the planet Pluto symbolizes our inclination to transform what is repressed in our consciousness into something positive. Pluto can represent our sexuality, our more fanatical desires, and power. Pluto has territory over intense transformations that bring genuine changes to one’s personality. Since Pluto is the slowest-moving planet, a whole generation will have the same Pluto sign, giving it verifiable significance. Lasting changes in human progress can be connected to Pluto's transits through the zodiac signs. When it comes to the natal chart, the house and the zodiac sign that planet Pluto falls in will demonstrate what in your life requires letting go, regardless of whether you want to or not. You may encounter emotional turbulence here or you may need to bear appalling circumstances, all in the name of letting go and transforming yourself into something greater. Pluto tears down what we need to alter and rebuild.

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The Planets in Astrology - Planet Meanings and Planet Symbols Infographic

The Planets in Astrology - Planet Meanings and Planet Symbols Infographic


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