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Virgo Zodiac Sign - The Virgo Personality in Love, Work, and Friendship

April 30, 2018 0 Comments

Virgo Zodiac Sign Correspondences - Virgo Personality, Virgo Symbol, Virgo Mythology and Virgo Meaning

The Virgo Zodiac Sign Personality

Virgo presents a pristine and calm face to the world, but underneath the surface, they are always deep in thought; calculating, pondering and assessing all the events and actions of their world. Above all, they have a desire to understand and to know. Their knack for analysis and their impulse for learning means that they sometimes are quick to draw conclusions. They are quite talented at analysis and are very methodical and detail oriented - meaning their conclusions are usually correct - thankfully.

Most are quite introverted, and enjoy their time alone. They actually need this time - as it allows them to reflect and process their thoughts. They are always striving towards self-improvement, meaning that their keen eye is often directed towards themselves. The dark side of the Virgo zodiac sign is that their desire to progress and their sharp sense of detail can mean that they can be incredibly self-critical, seeking to be the perfect version of themselves. In order to relieve that stress, they can usually be found pursuing some form of learning or training to help find their own kind of peace.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Statistics

  • Dates:August 23 – September 22
  • Duality: Receptive
  • Quality: Mutable

Virgo Zodiac Sign in Love and Relationships

The Virgo zodiac sign needs to feel loved and admired. Whether they get along well with other zodiac signs usually is dependent on the ability of their lover to give them all the affection they need to feel secure. They need a loving environment to finally open their delicate and vulnerable hearts. They barely ever have strong and direct proclamations of affection, but emotional intimacy draws out the beauty of their emotional expression. A Virgo will favor a steady relationship over having many fun, easygoing relationships. Because they are systematic and analytical, every Virgo appears to have some equations in their mind that their lover needs to follow.

They barely ever have strong and direct proclamations of affection, but emotional intimacy draws out the beauty of their emotional expression.

The Virgo will rarely have numerous sexual encounters with many different individuals, for they have to feel important to their lovers in order to discover genuine physical pleasure, knowing thatthe end goal is to give their entire self to somebody. The Virgo zodiac sign is symbolized by the archetype of a virgin, yet the fact of the matter is this quality is adaptable, and their desire for frequent change defeats their moral restrictions and limits with regards to sex.

Trust is critical when it comes to developing a relationship with Virgo, and that is built gradually, consistently and persistently. Each partner they have in life has an opportunity to be cared for and looked after, so long as they demonstrate that they deserve the loving nature of Virgo.

Virgo Zodiac Sign in Work and Careers

Virgos are practical, dedicated and analytical - knowing precisely where to search for the center of any issue. Their problem solving process allows them to sparkle at occupations that require great organization, managing paperwork, critical thinking and working with their mind and their hands. When they are focused, flawlessness is to be expected from their work. No other zodiac sign has such an eye for detail as Virgo. With their love for books and art, they make great art critics, while their need to help mankind serves them best on the off chance that they choose to become doctors, nurses or psychoanalysts.

Virgo Zodiac Sign with Money

The Virgo zodiac sign represents everything that is functional and practical, and it is in this spirit that they save their funds and put some money aside. They will see unreasonable spending as a bad habit or as being spoiled. They prefer practical solutions to their problems that don't cost too much. Unfortunately, this approach towards finances can make them seem somewhat stingy and excessively worried about all that they may need tomorrow. They will have to learn over time how to add some balance in their lives, and budget in some fun as well.


Virgo Zodiac Sign Correspondences

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Tarot Card: The Hermit
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Element: Earth
  • Colors: White, Purple, Pale Blue
  • Stones: Ammonite, Amethyst, Jade
  • Metal: Platinum, Nickel
  • Herbs: Cypress, Peppermint, Rosemary, Narcissus
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Incense: Narcissus, Lavender
  • Animals: Rabbit, Squirrel, Deer

Virgo Zodiac Sign in Greek Mythology

Since the zodiac constellations were first cataloged by astronomers in ancient Greece, many of the stories that are associated with them come their mythology.

Maidens of Lore and Constellation Virgo

The archetype of the maiden appears in many different cultures. The commonalities between them and the constellation Virgo all include aspects of purity, beauty and fertility. We listed a few of the influences here below.

Babylonia - Ishtar and the Virgo Constellation

Ishtar was the goddess of love, sex and fertility. She goes by many names, some of which include Astarte, Inanna or Ashtoreth. Myths tell of her descent into the underworld - which leads to her husband, Tammuz, being pulled into the netherworld six months of the year. Though she was the one to condemn him to the demons, she laments and mourns his time there, so that her powers wane until he arises out of the netherworld. This myth explains the shifting seasons.

Greece - Demeter and the Virgo Constellation

Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and the mother of Persephone, who was abducted to the netherworld by the god Hades. As she searched and mourned, all things on the earth began to die. When Hades was asked by Zeus to release Persephone, he agreed to do so only if she had not eaten anything from the underworld. Persephone however, ate several pomegranate seeds, which meant that she was partially bound to the underworld some months of the year.

Greece - Astraea and the Virgo Constellation

Daughter of Astraeus and Eos, she was the goddess of innocence and purity, and known as the celestial virgin. She once lived amongst the humans, but eventually fled earth due supposedly to humanity’s wickedness. As she left for heaven, she became the constellation Virgo. She is often seen holding the scales of justice, which then becomes the nearby constellation, Libra. The legend states that she will one day return to earth, heralding a new golden age for humanity.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Personality and Correspondences Infographic

Astrology Zodiac Sign Virgo Infographic - Virgo Personality, Virgo Careers, Virgo Work, Virgo Correspondences



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