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Mars in Aries - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

July 02, 2021 0 Comments

Mars in Aries - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

Mars is the planet of action, drive, anger, and sexual attraction. Since it is considered to be part of our personal planets, Mars has a strong effect on our personalities. Because Mars is the ruling planet of Aries , Mars feels at home in this fiery zodiac sign. There is an easy blend of energies that heighten the power of both this planet and sign.

When Mars is in Aries - What Does this Transit Mean?

Mars in Aries can signal a time of strong initiative and powerful action. Aries , a cardinal fire sign that represents the start of the astrological year, is known for its fearlessness, enterprise and boundless motivation. Combined with Mars , this period can make obstacles that would have normally been intimidating, seem trivial instead. Aries loves a challenge, and with Mars in its sign, you may find the urge to take anything that lies in your way head on.

Oftentimes, the action that you want to take during this transit is not something that is carefully organized or strategized about. Rather, you’re charging forward, regardless of whatever consequences or obstacles may come in your way. Aries understands that sometimes what matters most is to do something; to take the first step. What comes after is something you can deal with as it arises.

While Mars in Aries can bring an incredible breath of fresh air to your plans, you may want to be aware of how you approach others. Assertiveness can be mistaken for aggression, and your impulsiveness may create long term problems if you go too far. This transit can also make us quick to anger, so try and be more aware of how your words affect others.

Mars in Aries also brings with it a feeling of determination and confidence, as well as a desire to try new things. At this time, you may feel excitement about pushing your personal bound Aries , to see how far you can go. This transit can also make you feel quite competitive.

Mars in Aries Transit Effects

  • Increased determination, fearlessness and confidence
  • Desire for challenges and new experiences
  • Feeling more competitive
  • Easily angered
  • Impulsive decisions

Natal Mars in Aries / Aries Mars Sign Personality

Those born with their natal Mars in Aries have an almost unstoppable urge to take action. They are at their best making swift decisions and forging a path ahead. Planning and consideration aren’t their strong suits, and they instead rely on their sharp instincts to take their next steps.

Mars in Aries thrives when they’re pushing new frontiers, exploring new ideas, and doing anything that gives them a sense of movement. Without novelty, Mars in Aries natives can find life boring. While they have great initiative, they sometimes may find it hard to complete what they started when the excitement of something new wears off.

They oftentimes have a strong temper, which is quick to flare up but also quick to dissipate. When angry, their open and frank nature does not shy away from letting you know. Instead natal Mars in Aries is likely to confront you directly, and take steps to resolve the issues that exist between you. Once expressed, their anger typically is easily forgotten, as they are not people that hold grudges.
As for things that make them angry, you’ll find that they are easily frustrated with indirect communication. Preferring to fight fairly and out in the open, they dislike allowing things to remain unsaid.

At times, their personality can feel childish and impatient, but you can always trust them to say what they mean. You’ll never need to guess their true intentions, as they’re likely to state them right from the start.

Natal Mars in Aries / Aries Mars Sign Personality Traits

  • Determined
  • Impulsive
  • Swift
  • Pioneering
  • Trustworthy
  • Abrasive

Mars in Aries Transit / Aries Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

Mars in Aries Transit / Aries Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic


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