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Mars in Virgo - Transit and Natal Chart Meaning

July 05, 2021 0 Comments

Mars in Virgo - Transit and Natal Chart Meaning

If Virgo is about one thing, it is about efficiency. Paired with Mars , this position in the chart gives this otherwise messy, impulsive and unpredictable planet some clarity and focus. Together, this pairing can become quite accomplished, despite their initial first impressions as incompatible.

When Mars is in Virgo - What Does this Transit Mean?

With Virgo’s hard-working, meticulous nature, Mars is sure to get lots done. Mars brings its passion, motivation and energy into the mix, giving us all both the initiative as well as the follow through to make things happen. Virgo’s sharp eye for detail and their desire for excellence means that the work that we do during this time is likely to be some of our best. At this time, there’s nothing more satisfying than a job well done.

Since Virgo is also concerned with self-improvement, much of the work we do during the Mars in Virgo transit will be done to strive for this goal. That means, we’re likely to be exploring new routines to improve our daily lives — whether it’s for our health or our sense of wellness, we’ll all be trying to make our days just a bit better and more intentional. Luckily for us, Virgo loves routines, so the work that we put in during this time will be worth it.

But Virgo’s search for perfection is a double-edged sword. When it comes to anger, this Mars in Virgo transit is likely to also create some frustration when you don’t get the results you want. It may be that the goals you set yourself are far from realistic; nobody is perfect after all. Virgo’s meticulousness means that there can be a lot of self-blame when what we really need is to give ourselves a break.

And once you learn to give yourself a break, you can learn to give others a break too. Because unfortunately, Virgo can be nitpicky about other people too, and even though their criticism may be well-intentioned, they can create more arguments and resentment during this time than usual. Try and use this time to channel your energy to work, while accepting the beautiful imperfections the world has to offer.

Mars in Virgo Transit Effects:

  • More efficiency and motivation
  • Desire for excellence in all that you do
  • Desire for self-improvement
  • More emphasis on health and wellness
  • More critical of self and others
  • Higher, possibly impossible standards

Natal Mars in Virgo / Virgo Mars Sign Personality

With your Mars in the sign of Virgo, you are likely to be an incredibly productive person. You know exactly how to do things with both speed and skill. You’re not likely to be content that something is “good enough”, but rather work hard to fine-tune something over and over until you finally feel like it reaches your standards.

Mars in Virgo enjoys being busy, and as a result, you may find that they’re constantly juggling projects. And that’s exactly how they like it. While others may find busy-work exhausting and overwhelming, you actually find it exciting. They are often excellent problem solvers, finding joy in being able to crack a puzzle, or do some deep investigation. As they are motivated by the task itself, they’re not ones to go seeking praise. Praise from others often is much less important to them than whether their work has met their own personal standards.

Their high standards not only apply to themselves, but also to others. When seeing that others don’t work as hard or do something as well as they do, they can be rather critical. The anger typically comes in biting and harsh words. Not everyone has the same standards they do, and one thing they will have to learn is to accept this, otherwise they’ll likely be dealing with lots of conflict when working with others.

When it comes to love and sex, natal Mars in Virgo is very sharp in picking up details about their partner, going the extra mile to please them.

Natal Mars in Virgo / Virgo Mars Sign Personality Traits:

  • Disciplined
  • Efficient
  • Organized
  • Critical
  • Perfectionist
  • Productive

Mars in Virgo Transit / Virgo Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

Mars in Virgo Transit / Virgo Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic


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