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Mars in Sagittarius - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

July 06, 2021 0 Comments

Mars in Sagittarius - Transit and Natal Chart Meanings

With Mars in Sagittarius, the planet of action, forward momentum and passion is graced with Sagittarius’ optimism, enthusiasm and inspiration. Mars in Sagittarius expands our vision, so that we can aim farther and ask for more in our lives, which is often the first step we can take to creating a future that we want.

When Mars is in Sagittarius - What Does this Transit Mean?

When the planet Mars moves through Sagittarius, limitations seem to melt away. Mars in Sagittarius encourages us all to look at all the possibilities that we have around us, not obstacles. With that, this transit also brings hope; we all have the courage to follow our dreams and act in line with our principles.

The Mars in Sagittarius transit has a kind of innocent idealism to it — don’t tell us what we can’t do in this transit, because we will strive to make things that we once considered impossible a reality. Challenges during this time are faced with confidence and optimism, and that alone can sometimes be enough.
The danger of this transit however, is that we may set our sights a bit too high. And when reality does eventually face us, we can quickly abandon projects as quickly as we began them. Sagittarius is a restless sign, they are quick to be bored, meaning if things don’t develop as they had envisioned, they may just move on.

Sagittarius is a sign that wants to experience, taste and explore everything that life has to offer. Their openness and their desire for freedom and adventure is a core trait; because through experiencing everything, they can find purpose, truth, answers. Ultimately, they understand that there is no single right way of approaching life, and this drive to expand their horizons are what this transit’s prime motivations are. As such, this may be a wonderful time to travel and to see new parts of this world that can teach us something. If you’re not traveling physically, you can utilize this time to explore spiritually and mentally; take a class, try a new spiritual practice, or expand in different ways.

Mars in Sagittarius Transit Effects:

  • Seeing more possibilities
  • Approaching challenges with confidence
  • Increased optimism and openness
  • Thirst for adventure and new experiences
  • Acting in alignment with principles and vision

Natal Mars in Sagittarius / Sagittarius Mars Sign Personality

With your natal Mars in Sagittarius, you are likely to be a bit restless, spontaneous, and sometimes even hasty in the way you approach life. It can be hard for you to stay in the same place, so you can often be found planning your next greatest adventure. That doesn’t necessarily mean physical travel, though it can include that too, but there is a sense to you where you can feel addicted to progress. Without momentum, you can feel stagnant, not truly alive.

When it comes to getting things done, you’re not one to have a plan, preferring instead to live in the moment and make decisions that just “feel right” to you at the time.  You’re not stubborn, but rather easy-going and focus on the bigger picture. You’re quite adaptable, as your open-mindedness towards anything and everything means that you’re willing to try new ways of doing things. You’re not one to compromise on your greater vision, but the details are something that bore you.

One thing that they are quite committed to however, is their principles and values, and they can spend a lot of time debating and persuading you to feel the same.
Sagittarius gives your Mars a fun-loving, free-spirited and independent character. You crave freedom and space, meaning you can often feel caged when things get dull. It can be hard to know what to expect from you, since your passions flare up and go out quickly. That means that you can be wonderfully tolerant about other points of view, but sometimes also passionately defend your own ideologies.

With natal Mars in Sagittarius, anger becomes something that you need to let out, even if it isn’t related to the particular thing that made you angry in the first place. Your restlessness also means that you don’t want to linger on your feelings for too long. Fights come and go, and you’re not one to have a grudge, quickly forgetting your anger once you feel you’ve adequately expressed your point of view.

Natal Mars in Sagittarius / Sagittarius Mars Sign Personality Traits:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Open-minded
  • Optimistic
  • Free-spirited
  • Unrestrained
  • Restless

Mars in Sagittarius Transit / Sagittarius Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

Mars in Sagittarius Transit / Sagittarius Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic


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