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The Fifth House - The House of Pleasure - 5th House in Astrology, Meaning, Ruling Planets, Ruling Zodiac Signs

August 10, 2018 0 Comments

The Fifth House - The House of Pleasure - 5th House in Astrology, Meaning, Ruling Planets, Ruling Zodiac Signs

The fifth house is ruled by the zodiac sign Leo and also has the Sun as the planetary ruler. This house is in charge of pleasure, love, and amusement; each and every one of those heavenly little minutes, objects and events that make one's world full of happiness. It is a fairly fundamental house for one's ordinary reality, where the nearness of almost any planet is decidedly a great influence on an individual's life.

The 5th House Astrology Summary

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Fun and Games
  • Pleasure
  • Play
  • Hobbies
  • Casual Sex
  • Entertainment
  • First Child

The 5th House Rules Fun and Games

The fifth house is the means by which one conveys what one desires, and conveys one's own path towards fulfillment. The fifth house is about how the individual has fun, and this can incorporate all types of games and hobbies. Both athletic activities and recreational diversions are included here, which includes their more dangerous characteristics, such as gambling.

The fifth house is the ruler of one's creativity and one's hobbies, meaning that it covers all the pastimes that one does for fun. Collecting, finding, chasing or basically playing with fortunes and objects are all to be found in the astral world of the fifth house.

The 5th House Rules Non-Romantic Sex

Aside from hobbies, the individual's obsessions and fixations all fall in this house as well. The difference between a hobby and a fixation is somewhat unclear, and these two are distinctive sides of the same coin. For example, sex as a recreational action is likewise to be seen in the fifth house, restricted to romantic and meaningful sex which is controlled by the eighth house. The fifth house alludes to casual sex as a fun game, or as another athletic exercise that keeps the body and the mind sound and alive. Even flirtation, dating, meeting new individuals and playing the game of romance is additionally thought of as subjects of the fifth house.

The 5th House Rules Entertainment

As Leo is the ruling zodiac sign of the fifth house, everything related to drama, theater and acting are to be found here as well. Leo and the Sun also impart initiative and motivation, so the fifth house can point towards motivating activities that the individual has.

The 5th House Rules the First Child

Furthermore, the house can also rule the first child that the individual has, and planets that are available there can uncover the gender and the character of that child. Look to the planets and the zodiac sign where the fifth house's cusp is to get hints about the child and the planetary aspects that associated with it. The second child is instead governed by the seventh house, the third by the ninth house. The individual's fertility is also seen through the zodiac sign and planets situated in the fifth house as well.

The 5th House Rules Play

The fifth house is all about ruling the fun part of one's youth, how the individual plays and explores their general surroundings, how it creates, has fun, and expresses themselves. Imaginative or athletic inclinations of the individual can likewise be seen through this house, and the proximity of different planets and zodiac signs can reflect the activities in which the individual revels as a child. The fifth house is likewise in charge of pride, and additionally a wide range of festivity and celebrating.

The 5th House of Pleasure - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet

The 5th House of Pleasure - Astrology Infographic and Cheat Sheet


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