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Mars in Cancer - Transit and Natal Chart Meaning

July 02, 2021 0 Comments

Mars in Cancer - Transit and Natal Chart Meaning

Mars is the planet of action, aggression. It is the force that pushes us forward and drives us towards our goals. Cancer is a sign that is deeply rooted in its need for emotional security, in order to protect its inner vulnerability. When these seemingly opposing forces come together, they don’t quite mesh harmoniously. However, Cancer’s emotional sensitivity and desire for familiarity can also be a driving force for Mars to act.

When Mars is in Cancer - What Does this Transit Mean?

Cancer is the a zodiac sign that is concerned with their emotional safety, as well as all matters that relate to the home. For Cancer, the home is their sanctuary. With the Mars in Cancer transit, you are more likely to be concerned with these concepts, giving you a strong push to take care of any matters that affect your sense of inner stability, your family, and where you live.  Things around these spheres tend to be of the greatest concern to you right now.

Cancer’s sensitivity and natural gift of compassion and empathy can also join with Mars to turn them into a staunch defender of both themselves and those that they love. With Mars , Cancer’s protective instincts are ignited, and you may find yourself becoming a fierce warrior for those you love.

When it comes to getting things done, this zodiac sign also tends to be rather indirect in how they approach things. Cancer is a crab, always walking sideways instead of directly confronting what lies ahead of it. You can be more cautious in this time, needing to feel more emotionally safe before making your first move.

As long as your heart is connected with your actions, the Mars in Cancer transit can be a rewarding time, where you blend your sense of the familiar with taking steps forward to your goals. Be aware of how your moods and emotions affect your motivation; you may find that they are constantly shifting.

Mars in Cancer Transit Effects:

  • More indirect confrontation and action
  • More likely to defend loved ones
  • Needs emotional connection to take action
  • Increased interest in home and family matters
  • Shifting feelings are tied to motivation

Natal Mars in Cancer / Cancer Mars Sign Personality

Because Cancer cherishes all things that lie close to their heart, natal Mars in Cancer can be a fierce defender of anything related to their home, family and loved ones. Mars in this sign gifts you with an intense loyalty, transforming what is Cancer’s more typical nurturing and caring personality into something of a loving warrior.

When it comes to action and motivation, natal Mars in Cancer is driven by their heart. When they have found something that they care about, they can be extremely persistent and determined. People or obstacles that come in their way should be wary of their prickly claws. Additionally, their concern over security means that they often won’t take action unless they feel safe to do so, or if they are sure that they will get their intended result.

Expressing anger doesn’t come naturally to this placement. Natal Mars in Cancer is often very indirect, defensive, or sometimes passive aggressive. That armored shell protects these natives as much has restricts them from communicating their anger openly. These natives are more likely to keep their feelings inside. Be wary of this, as it can come out in ways that are explosive and more damaging than expressing them overtly.

Sex and romance is where we are often most vulnerable, and because of this, it may take some time for Mars in Cancer to feel comfortable enough to let down their guard. In the same way that they are very protective over others, they can be protective and over-sensitive when it comes to themselves. While this can make them feel protected, this need for safety can sometimes be limiting.

Natal Mars in Cancer / Cancer Mars Sign Personality Traits:

  • Protective
  • Persistent
  • Defensive
  • Cautious
  • Passive aggressive
  • Guarded

Mars in Cancer Transit / Cancer Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic

Mars in Cancer Transit / Cancer Mars Sign Personality Meanings Infographic


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